Carwash Disco 21 Today !


Wednesday 10th August
Carwash Disco was having a 21st Birthday bash … I was there when they opened in 1995 so it would be rude not to go … I love this place !!!

Free Bubbles
There was a queue of retro junkies to start off the party … The entrance was looking good … Maria, ever faithful on the door, crazy drinks offers before you go down and the crew were pouring free shots and bubbles at the top of the stairway to heaven …

Retro Time
Resident DJ Trevor Moore, been here for ever, was on the decks mixing his carefully selected tunes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and naughties … the tracks you love to dance to and the ones you can’t help singing too … everyone was in good voice and so the party started !!!

Blues on the Bar
The Blues Brothers tribute were there to get everyone in a crazy mood … jumping up on the bar with the girls and we were all rolling rolling rolling … Michael Jackson tribute thrilled us into dance mode … yep it’s black it’s white wooo whooo whooo … one hell of a parrrrrty !

Drinks Flowed
My fav bar crew were mixing the drinks giving out free shots and sparklers looking after the girls dancing on the bar with free shots, but of course … and naturally as the night went on it got a bit messy …

Everyone’s Favourite
This place really is a good night out, it’s a workers fav and just about everyone ends up there, every night … I left early by Carwash standards . the party was in full swing . I imagine they were there til gone 5 as usual …

The best night out in Napa !

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