October 2016


Wow ! It’s October, my favourite month, mainly coz its Autumn, the long hot summer has come to an end, or has it ? … Relief from the heat ? maybe not ? we’ve already had October storms . so the locals assure us that it’s going to be an Indian Summer … last time, it went through to November, I hope they’re right !

Is one of my favourite seasons, bear in mind we’ve all been working our little bits off since March … The tourist season is winding down, and most of the resident workers had post season blues in August, back to school ? hmmm, but there’s an ever increasing number that won’t leave this year …

Closing Parties
There’s festivals and closing and opening parties all over the place and we’ll see a few pubs and clubs staying open, but swinging towards the local market … and, as things slow down, we all get the chance to catch up with friends, who’ve been more like passing ships in the night for the last seven months, probably light a few barbies, you know … If you get invited to any end of season parties make sure you go …

It’s touring season …
So jump in the car and get out and about a bit . The mountains are just about to come into their element and the sunrise in Kapparis or sunsets in Paphos are stunning ! … I recently heard one of the watersports lads say, we can’t wait to get to the mountains, so we can’t see the sea . I said, how can you get fed up of this sea ? he said, just for one day ! … on that note, even up in the mountains, you can still see the sea, at some points on three sides of the island . There’s still a few boat cruises sailing too …

What’s On !
We’ll kick off the month on Saturday the 1st up in Latchi it’s Sunset Beach Party by Soul in the Sun . I’m going ! … then from 30th Sept ’til 2nd Oct, it’s The Junkin Cyprus a festival of 50’s music and memorabilia in Larnaca … Then I’m going to the amazing Daxifest at Ayia Napa’s Stadium on Sunday 2nd It’s, it’s a whole day charity music event with Echo on one of their last gigs and Minus One headlining … Then on 8th til 15th it’s the 11th Medieval Festival in Ayia Napa and don’t forget on 9th It’s Oktoberfest Light, a festival of food and drink in Nicosia … omg !

I’m really looking forward to the Dorians Challenge on Saturday 15th in Larnaca … and on the same day there’s the 6th Short Film Festival in Limassol … or maybe if you wanna dance, the 3rd Cyprus Tango meeting at the wonderful Grecian Park Hotel in Protaras on the 28th …

Don’t forget its Halloween Night on the 31st October … many venues will be doing special nights, and they are getting bigger every year as the Cypriots have realised its a great excuse to dress up or dress down it seems … so start sewing or get to the fancy dress hire shops and make it an event to remember ! Castle Club in Napa are mixing it up with their closing party on the 29th this year, I’m going …

Cultural Cyprus
Just as we predicted back in 2004, after our accession to Europe, there’s an obvious increase in cultural events in Cyprus, and wow, I wander what else we’ll see next … I just love our ever changing Cyprus, and hey, bring on more culture ! … For a link to many cultural events in Cyprus check out the Cyprus Tourism Info site at www.visitcyprus.com

Rainy Season ?
October is normally our rainy month and to be honest, we’re all pretty glad to see it, as we haven’t really had any rain since May, accept for a couple of stormy days in September … Yum I love that smell ! …

When those first storms come, they’ll drives us mad, coz when it rains, boy does it come down, the term ‘pissing down cats and dogs’ must have Greek roots somewhere, lol … And as for the roads they become rivers and where’s the drainage ? … Ask any Cypriot and he’ll probably say, well, it doesn’t rain very much over here, who needs drainage ? … Don’t worry here one day gone the next !

Indian Summer
Anyway, as I was saying, Indian summer, beach ’til New Year, sounds good … we hear there’s frost in Europe, sounds better, dinning outside in November, I can’t wait, and that lovely clean air smell, hey why else do we live here ?

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And really finally, if I can give you one tip … Make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before …
Na da bou’men !
Tony Dynamou

Photo courtesy of Pixabay
Halloween Time !

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