Late night out in Napa

I wish we could do this again !

It’s just gone 6 am, the sun is up already and I’m just back from a night out in Ayia Napa basically to grab some shots at the world famous Starsky’s for an article I’m writing about them … it’s gone 2.30 am, the buzz in Napa is awesome, I can’t help it, even after 25 years, there’s nowhere like it … I just love this place !!!

Down the Strip
Started off down at Senior Frogs Party Bar, the froggies were still partying, it was still busy and it was gone 2.30 am … so too Craig’s Bar, seemed to be the same everywhere, pubs staying open a bit later ? .. Stopped to chat to Eva at Skin Deep, now Dimi’s, Think’in Ink, but it always was ? …

A New Club Icon
The new club Icon was opening, I bumped into Olga who introduced me to Anna Mally the gorgeous singer that was performing there tonight, gonna try n make it back … omg! Napa’s other Icon, Kahlua, the workers fav, was still smashing it … and across the road the Pirates Inn were locked in … ha ha !

The Toga Toga crew were on the strip as always, scuze the pun, 😉  The Sea King, my best friend and crazy PR, Yiannis was shouting Carrrrrrrwashhhhh … Encore was thinking about switching back on, they were still partying in Bedrock, in Silent Disco mode … So too Ambassaden Bar running very late down on the Square …

Glikis’ rock garden was looking like he wants it to happen all again … Encore looking stunning was open and looks like you’ll just keep wanting more !!! … I heard Black ‘n’ White were rammed, if you fancy a little Urban mix, hmm later maybe …

Electric Starsky’s
You could feel the electric blue atmosphere outside Starsky’s so I went in … As usual it was awesome, love the new design, the lighting, the atmosphere as always, just wicked down here, something to do with that dance floor in the middle? opps its a bar, so of course there’s always the girls, dancing up on the bar, thank Napa 😉 and sooooo the free shots were flowing … Cooooool, loving the new music mix guys !

It was gone 5 am, had to grab a Jack Daniels Burger from Supersnacks, nice one Kyri … and on my walk back down the strip, got dragged in to Carwash Disco, ha ha, dragged ?, it seems everyone still ends up here … Cosmas at the helm these days, about time, and Nick, the best barman in town was doing Belly Shots, Trevor Moore mixing up the tunes these days … Everyone was singing … Good old Napa, spoilt for choice !!! Rave, eat, drink, repeat !!! … btw, Check out sunrise when I got home ! Awesome !

This place is clubbing paradise !!!

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