Senior Frogs Party Bar, Ayia Napa

Senior Frogs Party Bar, Ayia Napa, Established 2001

These Froggies don’t hibernate in the winter, doing reunion gigs in Europe, Lebanon, Moscow, St. Petersbourg and finally Larnaca.  Back in Napa early as they’re usually one of the first bars to open and probably the last to close !  Its got a unique party atmosphere, that’s one of the reasons why it’s arguably the best bar in Napa …

The Pond
Renovated in 2016, it’s a bigger and better pond now … it even looks the business with froggies and crazy signs everywhere and a light and sound system that will blow your mind, it’s no wonder this place is smashing it year in year out !!!

Every night the Froggie crew will unleash their madness kicking off the night with a bit of Karaoke, but not just any old karaoke … its in English, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian and of course Swedish, well, you can’t do Karaoke without a bit of Abba ! Naturally absolutely everyone gets involved and there’s plenty of prizes and free shots if you join in !

The Crew
As the night warms up the party really starts … fireworks, stilt walkers, clowns, fire breathers, acrobats, crazy PR’s pouring more free shots down your throat and inside, awesome DJs doing their party mix and cool MCs who’ll get you in the mood to party and then keep you dancing on the dance floor, on the podiums and on the poles and yep, you’ll be partying all night !

Behind the Bar
The bar menu is massive with loads of crazy cocktails and special drinks offers all night. Check out the 1 litre Yard of Cocktail, the Half litre Cup, or the ever popular with the girls ‘Willy Cup’ ! The gorgeous barmen move at amazing speeds, mixing the best Margaritas and Mojitos in town !

New Age Cocktail
My new fav though has to be the New Age Cocktail, its their Signature Cocktail made with Imported Spirits …. secret ingredients, all I can is it tastes wicked !

Free Ride
Senior Frogs offer a free ride to the pub, picking you up from wherever you’re staying in one of their legendary Froggie carsone for the holiday photo album?   

This place is more of an extravaganza than a bar … it’s a guaranteed party coz no one else parties like Froggies so, you’re mad if you miss this, and even crazier if you go 😉 Check out their Videos on their Facebook Page

Open Long Summer Season
March ’til November
Every night from 8.30 pm ’til 2:30 am
Weekends 8:30 pm ’til 3:30 am

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You’ll find them on Ayias Mavris Street, aka Bar Street, Ayia Napa … It’s just up from the Town Hall and next door to Carwash Disco

You’re mad if you miss this, and crazier if you go 😉

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