Craig’s Scots Bar, Ayia Napa

Craig's Scot's Bar, Ayia Napa, Established 1984

3 Decades
This is the only truly original Scott’s Bar in Cyprus and they’ve been here since Napa started, launching in 1984, making them one of the longest-running bars in Napa.  Well into their fourth decade, their reputation of being one of the busiest bars in Napa is evident coz this place goes bonkers after 11 pm every night!!

Sports TV
Situated about halfway up or down Ayias Mavris Street, aka Nightlife Street, depending on which way you’re staggering, Craig’s Scots Bar is open every day from 1 pm ’til 3 am.  With one of the best streaming networks in town, you can chill out during the day having a few games of Pool, watching all the live sports, SPFL, BBC Scotland and Sky and with over 3000 channels they’ll probably be showing what you’re looking for whether its Football, F1, Tennis, Boxing, Athletics or Golf, in fact if it’s on, he’ll find it for you!

With huge screens all over the place, it’s naturally gonna be a great place to watch all your favourite sports and that includes all the friendlies leading up to the World Cup this year … supporting anyone that plays against England of course 😉

Brave Hearts
Now by evening, it’s where all the Brave Hearts go as most nights this place swings into the best karaoke in town up ’til midnight with unlimited tracks to choose from and one of the largest stocked bars in Napa and an awesome atmosphere with free shots if you get up and sing … or you’re just watching 😉 check out this Video on The Bonny, Bonny Banks of Loch Lomo … Now that’s what I call party!!!

Great Prices
Leading the way with the best prices in town, serving all cocktails made with quality imported spirits, draught beers, and Vodka Red Bull at only € 3.00 before 11 pm and €3.00 after, plus all shots are only €2 and there’s great prices on huge buckets.

Buckfast Wine
Oh yeah, they’re also the only place in the area that sells Buckfast Wine and MD 20/20, Strawberry and Orange flavours.  Oh, and you must try the ‘Flower of Scotland’, it’s Vodka, Malibu, Blue Curacao and 7Up! They also serve on Draught; Carlsberg and Keo, Heineken, Strawberry and Lime Somersby and Rekorderlig Ciders!

Special Offers
Buy any 2 Litres of Cocktails aka ‘Fishbowls’ for only €14.90 and ask the gorgeous girls for shots, Vodka Slush and the new ‘Venum’ 2 Litres, ice cold of course, oh and this one will bite’ya’up’the’ass!  😉 … other favourites for Fish Bowls include ‘Sex on the Beach’, Headfuckers, or give Savvas a spirit preference and leave the rest to him.

Ha Ha Ha!
Like any other cool party venue expect to find party balloons.  Naturally, if you really wanna have fun and lol just ask one of the girls to give you one 😉

Savvas, the owner is a real host, one that cares about his clients and even helps them plan their holiday activities, with a few tips about how to save money on your hols and once you get to know Savvas he’ll make you feel like one of the family, with discounted everything, from dinner to free entrance to all the best clubs in town.

Parties & Weddings
Craig’s is a favourite when it comes to birthday or wedding parties, with lots of free gifts and bubbly for the bride n groom and gets hen parties and stag nights in almost every night … gotta give a big shout out to the resident DJ who spins some wicked sounds and the brilliant but really crazy crew who work their socks off to make sure you all have an unforgettable night … and just 150 metres up the road is Carwash Disco one of Craig’s favourites and hey by that time of the night why stagger any further?

Home from Home
If you’re from bonny Scotland, its the only place to be, but this place gets busy because it’s a really awesome bar and they’ll welcome you wherever you’re from, fact is just about everyone goes here, which is evident when you see how many shirts and flags are up on the walls and ceiling … Check out their TripAdvisor Reviews 

Saving Money
Savvas once said to me; “before you book a Rep’s boozy package deal or beach parties why don’t you talk to him or the Craig’s staff first cos they’ll save you loads of money!”

Flags a Flying
Craigs like getting the crowd up and having fun, check out their Youtube video doing Zorba the Greek and Check out their Facebook Videos by clicking this link and btw, don’t forget to try one of their Frozen Strawberry Margaritas.

Open Long Summer Season
April ’til November
Daily: 1 pm ’til 4 am

You’ll find them at 32 Ayias Mavris Street, aka Bar Street, Ayia Napa, it’s halfway up or down, opposite the Town Hall, see Google Map below
GPS: 34.989800, 33.994008

Craig’s keeps the Scots Flag a’flyin!

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