Cyprus Rocks Festival 2017, Protaras … 4th ’til 11th October

Cyprus Rocks 2017, Classic Rock Music Festival, 4th - 11th October 2017

Cyprus Rocks!
I’ve been talking to these guys for months now, and I’m so excited about this event … for the first time in Cyprus, Iron Stallion Promotions are presenting Cyprus Rocks Festival, a week long Rock Festival, 5 Nights of world renowned tribute rock bands, who are planning to rock your socks off, so much, that they’ll all be able to come back and do it again next year, and hopefully every year !!!

Ultimate Rock Holiday
Iron Stallion Promotions is Paul Bevan and Mario Ramjhun coming out of Southampton, England … Their mission is to provide the Ultimate Rock Holiday for their clients, combining stunning visual locations in the sun, with sea and sand and a live music festival boasting some of the best tribute bands in the world.

Rhodes to Cyprus
For the past ten years they have been involved in a similar gig in Rhodes Island, Greece, both as a fans and Mario also plays in one of the bands ‘Stone Free’.  The event was originally the brainchild of Eddie Yates from Dartford, and mad rocker from the far East End of London … so if you think it’s a completely new idea ? read on …

Classic Rock Tours
Eddie, now in his 70’s, has finally decided to retire, over a decade ago he created Classic Rock Tours, based on Rhodes Island in Greece every summer.  What started as a weekend gig, grew into a week long Rock Party and then two weeks of pure Rock Festival, live bands on a big stage, and often in intimate venues, where you get a chance to grab a drink and socialise with like minded mates, some you’ve not seen since the last festival, as well as the band members who hang around the venues and get into the holiday atmosphere, along with the hundreds of rock fans that have been following Eddie’s Classic Rock Tours for over ten years now …

The Legacy Continues
Mario was really good friends with Eddie and one night Eddie asked Mario if he would like to continue his legacy … Mario was thrilled to bits, but he wanted to look at ways to make it bigger and better, bringing Paul into to help coz he said ”It’s not a one man job” … They spent all summer looking for a venue, then with help from a good friend, American Born Cypriot, Pars Evrenos from Kapparis near Protaras, last November, they chose Cyprus and decided the Protaras area was the best place, mainly because of the massive rock following here.  Rhodes Island was the foundation, but Cyprus is bigger, and let’s face it better, and tbh, I don’t know any Cypriots that don’t like rock !!!

Back on the East Coast
I think Protaras in Cyprus was a good move, its my fav part of the Island with gorgeous sandy beaches, the best in Europe, and the world’s best sea, and just wait til you watch sunrise, oh and as it seems Eddie’s followers, once saddened by the end of an era, over 400 are booked and travelling already, so that’s the foundation of a good party … The King is retired … Long live the annual Cyprus Rocks Festival

It’s all Sorted !
I love the idea, and have spoken in depth to the guys, and let me just say, they’ve crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s, done their research, visited all the right places and consolidated contracts with companies providing accommodation, security, ‘Drew’ sorting out all transportation to the events and MKG Sound & Light in Nicosia providing how many watts of power on that main stage on Trinity Beach in Pernera area of Protaras, I think they’re gonna hear it in Lebanon !!!

The Festival
Starting the week off, most of the old Rock Festival followers will arrive on Wednesday 4th. On Thursday it’s the Welcome Party at the stunning venue ‘Aeyialos Beach Bar & Restaurant ‘ … on the stage … Thin Lizzy Experience and Stone Free … plus some special guests to help get the party started …

The Weekend
Starts on Friday where top rock DJ’s will blend together a line up, on the main stage at Trinity Beach … you’ll see world renowned tribute bands like the awesome ‘Who’s Next’, warming the event up and renowned to be a little outrageous of course ! Then Rainbow in Rock, Sack Sabbath, need I say more?, and finishing off with the awesome main act Live Wire an AcDc Tribute !

Saturday 7th October
On the main stage again at Trinity Beach … Dio Rising are gonna warm us up!, then The Toxic Twins with their Aerosmith tribute, then heating it up, its Hotter than Hell Kiss awesome !!! Closing the night the spectacular Letz Zep !!! plus even more special guests … and who knows where the after party will be ?

Cyprus Rocks Pool Party
Closing the weekend, coz Sunday’s rock more … a night of delicious BBQ and a Classic Rock Quiz, hosted at my little paradise in Pernera, Blue Spice Restaurant and Pool Bar‘ … Headlining will be local Blues Rock band Blues Wreck and Melodic Rock band RustX and closing the night, Jimi Andersons Legends of A.O.R., it’s an All Stars Jam ‘ … this one’s gonna be intimate I think !

I don’t like Mondays ?
This VIP Only event is for travelling Rock fans that have booked to travel from abroad and sorry to say it’s almost sold out, I’m struggling to get on the guest list, ha!  Local Rock Pub Koursaros Music Bar in Pernera are hosts, it’ll be intimate and promising to be one of the highlights of the week … I’ve heard anything goes, so book earlier next time 😉

Cyprus Rocks Farewell Party
Closing the week at the Cyprus Rocks Farewell Party it’s back at Aeyialos Beach Bar, where the party started …with be the amazing Fleetwood Bac and Stone Free and even more surprise guests !

Every Year
It’s nice to know Eddie’s definitely coming, but for once he’s not involved so he’ll be able to enjoy the event from a different angle, tbh, I really hope the local market also gives this festival the support it deserves.  Tickets for the main stage events are still available, one or two of the more intimate events are almost sold out, but most of the night’s are still available, so hurry! and who knows what the future holds!

Schedules & Info
To check the full schedule, how to get your tickets, find places to stay, get bio’s and videos, meet the 12 top bands, who btw are known worldwide, get in touch with the sponsors, book your tickets or just get absolutely loads more info about travel, insurance, useful holiday information, do check out their website here … but expect the occasional impromptu day time event coz that’s what these festival holidays are all about ! and keep an eye open for competitions and updates on our facebook page …

This is a holiday style week long festival.  Many tickets are sold to the hundreds of loyal travellers but everyone is welcome to the main events and tickets for events are also available from Daxi Magazine at their booking office in Pernera and from ‘Aeyialos Beach Bar & Restaurant ‘ … Koursaros Rock Bar, Pernera and Blue Spice Pool Bar & Restaurant in Pernera … but you had better hurry coz they are selling fast …

This week is really gonna rockkkk !!!!

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Easiest way to find them, get to the roundabout at Ayia Triada and head towards the sea, road bears to the right, then on the bend turn left to the fishing shelter ... there\'s ample parking and easy acess to Trinity Beach.