February 2018

Cyprus in the Snow February 2018

Love is in the air
It’s February, my favourite month, mainly because I love Carnival season, oh and of course Valentine’s Day and there’s nothing like a little romance on the the goddess Aphrodite’s Island of love … Guys, pop into one of our recommended Jewellers or Florists to pick up a special gift, or a really cool idea is a Gift Voucher from Brouska Boutique.  Several of our recommended restaurants and bars are putting on romantic events, so why not take your lady out for dinner.

The season should kick off early with the tour operators promising to help us go year round and with Easter falling on 8th April, and seven Bank Holidays between now and 1st of May … wow!

New Dynamic App
The long awaited new free What’s On Cyprus App is live on Google Play Store and it’s getting great reviews.  With over 1,400 pages and 50,000 photos and videos just for you.  We’ve kept a similar layout to the original magazine launched in 1999.  If your phone’s GPS is on it’ll take you straight to the city you’re in … if not, the home page leads you to our editor’s glance at the current month and an intro to Cyprus, a quick swipe right and choose one of 8 Major Cities in Cyprus.  Next try a one word search, or choose one of 16 major categories or swipe right again and … It’s everything you’ll need to know and More … I hope you’ll download it now !

It’s Carnival Season
Starting on the 8th and culminating on the 19th with Green Monday and there’s Rio Style Carnival parades in all the big cities on Sunday 18th, Limassol leading the way with the biggest, but they’re even putting on a good show in Ammochostos these days, Larnaca brilliant, The Capital Nicosia spectacular and this years carnival in Paphos is gonna be special, oh and of course Spring is in the air, the blossoms are out, aromas everywhere and everything is sooooo green … I just love it !

Green Monday
Carnival or Carnivore season of course signifies the start of Lent, so no meat for 49 days, starting on Green Monday aka Kathari Theftera or Clean Monday on 19th February … no chance here!, I like my meat too much, but to celebrate this the Cypriots all go out to the fields to light the BBQ’s with fish, sea food, fresh veg, dried fruit, nuts and anything else not meat.  They all get face painted up and fly kites and stuff, if you’ve not been invited, just go for a walk in any field on Monday 19th and you’ll probably get invited to join someone, you know Cypriot hospitality n’all …

Any Shopaholics out there ?
It’s also the February Sales for all you shop ’til you drop freaks, much as many of them started in January this year, so get out and find some bargains.  Its a good time to buy that last winter warmer, still needed at night in February.  Leading the way in Fashion are London Clothing Company and Brouska or BrouskaBlue with shops all over Cyprus.

Wood Fires & Rock Bars
I love this time of the year, invigorating walks along stormy coastlines, most bars and restaurants have homely, warming open wood fires, or those awesome gas heaters.  Many have some wicked DJ’s mixing to mostly locals and a few tourists and long stayers … others putting on live music every weekend, like O’Neill’s Irish Bar in Paphos and Savino Livein Larnaca and their Carnival Party on the 18th is always awesome, Koursaros Rock Barin Protaras and Hustlers Rock Club in Limassol who have a cool gig on Friday 9th with The Metal Hard DJ Event …

It’s spring but there’s so much to do if you look around, Cyprus is so versatile, you’ll probably still be able to ski and snowboard up in the Troodos Mountains in the morning and swim in the med in the afternoon and the air is really clear, so you’ll still get a fab tan!  It’s a great time to go touring and there’s plenty to see.  The Troodos mountains in their element at this time of the year and currently covered in snow !

Best in Europe
Cyprus officially boast’s the best beaches in Europe, ha! I was saying that years ago!, as one world renowned Advisor  kept forgetting us … now we have 25 of the top beaches in Europe, a couple up there with the best in the world, coz you really can’t beat our sea … we also have the best climate in the world and we’re the safest place in world, that’s why we all live here, and well, we’ve got good reason to love it, they’ve been partying here since the gods invented party some 12,600 years ago …

Everyone’s Discovering Us
I’ve noticed renovations everywhere, it’s nice to see our businesses putting a bit back into keeping up with fashion … I believe most places are anticipating a record year with almost 3 million visitors in 2017, and as tourism seems to be swinging back to a British majority, likewise our Scandinavian visitors and now many others including, France, Italy, Greece and the rest of the European market all finding out how special this rock really is … it’s starting to feel like the old days …

The Network
The new App is launched, it’s the cherry on the top and our Facebook Page just surpassed 6,400 Likes, with up to 20,000 post engagement per week, the word is spreading … the new web site is looking awesome, with around 10,000 visitors a month … We’re also getting Google+, Twitter and Instagram together @whatsoncyprus, and our YouTubechannel is fun too, so please subscribe, and we’re keeping in fashion with a link to Pinterest so get following and sharing guys and lets tell everyone how cool this rock is !!!

Best Guide to Cyprus
I have to say a big thanks to all our readers without whom we wouldn’t be here … oh and if you’re not on the What’s On Cyprus network, you’d better hurry up ! … I’m going to make this the best guide to Cyprus, if it isn’t already

A Quick Peek
Here’s a few things we’d love to get to this month … The Gateway to India in Dherynia is reopening on 1st February likewise the fantastic Blue Spice in Pernera … Klokkos Taverna in Xylophagou is doing a Live Rembetika Night on the 8th, Valentines on 14th and a Mask Party on 18th … The Valentines Dinner at Crown Plaza in Limassol on the 14th sounds wonderful and Uptown Square are ready to get all loved up too … Black ‘N White Club in Napa will be partying over the Carnival Season and on the 21st it’s Ladies Night … Club Deep in Larnaca’s Clown Carnival Party is gonna be fun …

Eleven Club in Nicosia’s Raw Battle with DJ Valentino sounds romantic … Whilst Aglantzia Carnival is on the Sunday 11th … There’s a lovely Arts & Crafts Exhibition at The Hilton in Nicosia on the same day … The Village Inn in Paphos has another Race Day with Raceoke on 9th and cool plans for romance on 14th … Whilst The Blue Olive Bistro in Paphos are taking Valentines to another level on the 17th … Too much to mention …

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Finally, if I can give you one tip, make sure you do at least one thing you’ve never done before … at least once !

2018 … is gonna be awesome !!!!
Tony Dynamou
Cover Photo compliments www.pixabay.com

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