D. K. Stylianou Garden Centre, Xylotymbou

D.K. Stylianou Gardens, Xylotymbou, Established 2004,

A few years ago I was helping a friend to set up a tennis club and had to find about 600 plants, shrubs and trees for the club house and grounds.  During my research I had the pleasure to meet Demetris Stylianou at his garden centre in Xylotympou … it’s almost 50,000 square metres of just about anything you’ll ever need, from a plant or two for the balcony to the rock pool, little orchard and botanical garden you always wanted …

What I love about this Garden Centre is that they produce almost 90% of all the plants they use in their projects … gaining the upmost respect when being involved with the Olympic Stadium in Athens 2004 and more recently the new Airport in Larnaca in 2011 …

Family Business
In 1992, Demetris graduated in Animal & Plant Sciences at The American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece. Coming from a family involved in agriculture and landscape gardening, adding the technology of today’s modern world, Demetris now has a wide range of experience in everything from plant science to green house construction, irrigation systems, economics and agricultural machinery.

Cyprus Climate
There’s literally tens of thousands of plants here, everything you can possibly imagine and more … carefully selected, making sure they choose an extensive selection that can withstand the Cyprus climate, many are cultured right here in their grounds in very impressive greenhouses, which in turn helps them to keep their prices so low …

You’ll also find a 3D Design service and an extensive selection of Swimming Pools, Fish and Lilly pools, Water Features, Pergolas, they’ll supply and plant and fit for you, and they also produce their own natural turf and artificial turf and all the fruit trees you could imagine and keeping up to date with things new, they recently introduced us to the amazing Coffee Tree from Tanzania in Africa … Brilliant !

Naturally they are tried and trusted by many huge corporations like, Brand Kemp of Germany, permitting the cultivation of their plants and paying the royalties for the privilege !

Demitris wife ‘Koulla’ heads up the commercial side of the business making sure everything runs smoothly and deliveries are made nationwide and internationally and on time, assuring me that quality at low prices are their absolute priority …

Girls Things
The girls of the family have gone their own way … first gaining the qualifications needed to launch the decoration side of the business with full support they can decorate the smallest of Weddings to shop window displays, hotel receptions, accountant’s offices and the largest of banquets … all you have to do is give them your suggestions and they’ll help you more than you can imagine !

All in All
I highly recommend this Garden Centre for just about anything you’ll ever need, if you’ve got green fingers, or you just like Cacti or you want to restyle your whole garden … this team are really hard to beat !!!

Open all Year
Monday – Sunday 7 am ’til 7 pm

You’ll find them at Makariou Avenue 3, Xylotymbou, turn left just after Ayios Rafael Church and Ayias Marina’s Monastery … see map below …

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Open all Year
Monday - Sunday 7 am 'til 7 pm

You'll find them at Makariou Avenue 3, Xylotymbou, left just after Ayios Rafael Church and Ayias Marina's Monastery 

Tel: 0035770000745