Stories Wine Bar, Old Town, Larnaca


Quite Bazaar !
In days of old this place was the gateway to the bazaar, cobbled alleys, crimson flowers and market stalls, shaded under stretched canvass sails, with locals selling their fresh fruit and veg.  So when Sotiris and Yiannis decided to open a cafe style wine bar here, they thought they’d make it look like its been here for 70 years … they said the effect had to be colourful, not just cool design.  Omg! They made an awesome job !

It helped that Sotiris’ father is a furniture restorer, carefully selecting sofas, chairs, tables, adding knick-knacks and memorabilia everywhere, that reminisces the era of days of the bazaar … inside architectural lighting enhances the ambience created by the design which makes you feel like your back in the 50’s.

The result is a vintage cafe style wine bar, full of colour and design that suits the area of old town Larnaca, somewhere to chill by day and party by night, with tasty snacks and spontaneous gigs, live music, Resident DJ Yiannis and top name guests like DJ Nicos Vavaresos sharing the decks, Acoustic Nights, oh and Cuban or Latin Nights, that get a tad busy, hmm its been known for them to run out of Corona and like, 20 bottles of Rum in one night !!!

Behind the Bar
Well stocked with a selection of thirty wines from Cyprus, Greece and Italy, draught beers, Stella Artois and very popular Erdinger Beer from Germany … I just love their coffees and often pop in for a Cappuccino, but their cocktails are to die for … mixed perfectly by Eftichios, a mixologist, trained in Athens, who’ll blend you one of their signature cocktails, with such perfection!

Eftichios told me most of their cocktails are more fruity and spicy than bitter or sweet … My favs have to be the Selfie, or Untold Stories, or Mystique, which sort of reminds you of Apple Pie, its a dark, aged rum, fresh lemon, apple and vanilla syrup, mint leaves and a sprinkle of cinnamon, mmm, just wait til you try it ! I loved listening to him describe my first one, saying its the experience to blend the flavours that reach out to your fantasy that make them so unique !

The choice isn’t massive but what’s on the menu is all fantastic, mostly finger food and snacks.  Famed for their Platters, especially the Stories Platter, a selection of meats, spring rolls, and sausages. The homemade Pizzas are a taste bud explosion but if you fancy something fresh and wild you must try the Diva Salad and if you prefer to nibble slowly try Cheese Platter or Mixed Platter or one of the tastiest Chicken Burgers I’ve ever tasted, apparently a credit to their butcher.

This is one of the most beautiful and stylish bars in Larnaca which just invites you to sit down, chill to the max, enjoy signature cocktails with tasty nibbles, somewhere where you can create your own fantasy …

Opening all year
Summer: Daily, 5 pm ‘til 1 am
Winter:  Daily, 4 pm ‘til 1 am

It’s at 24, Kleanthi Kalogera, tucked up in the alleyways just up from the promenade, sort of behind Savino Live, see map below …

Truly original, totally unique !

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