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DJScyprus, aka Los V, Limassol

I recently caught up with Antonis and Nick, two very good, old friends, they’ve been around since way before Napa’s hey day and I’d say they were a massive part of why Ayia Napa became the clubbing capital of Europe!  It was so good to see them back, and with a vengeance !

Summer Vibes
They first met back in ’99 at the Summer Vibes Festival, Cyprus’ first proper Rave at believe or not, White Rocks at Governors Beach in Limassol.  They finally decided to link up again in 2010, to create DJScyprus

Local Talent
They launched DJScyprus as a platform to offer proper clubbing to the island and to boost the local Underground Scene even further.  Their aim was and still is, to help promote local talent, working with about 100 resident DJs at this present time!

Sunset tribes Festival
Throughout the years they have organised various successful events on the island!  In the summer 2017 they created an annual event called ‘Sunset Tribes Festival‘, which symbolises the official beginning of summer.  This year on 2nd June the guys will be taking it one step further by adding International line ups to their agenda!  Their promise to you clubbers out there, is that this year ‘Sunset Tribes Festival’ will be BIGGER, BETTER, BOLDER & LOUDER !!!

Sound Foundations
We chatted about the old days and it was cool reminiscing What’s On magazine, days when we interviewed Nicky P, who btw was the first DJ to introduce Acid House/Rave in Limassol CY way back in 1990.  Oh and this guy has played at Soho, London, Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa and was resident in the house room at Castle Club for 8 years in the 2000 era, moving back to Limassol in 2009, he started a residency at Guaba.  He has also played alongside many a top name such as Above & Beyond on the International circuit.

In 2010 Nicky P formed NN2 and became the sole agents in Cyprus for The Ministry of Sound on Tour.

Goa Trance era
Anthony started playing back in 1994 and co organised his first ever successful event in Melbourne Australia called ‘The Last Exit’, influenced quite heavily at that time by the beginning of the Goa Trance era!  On his return to Cyprus in 1995 he tried to push that sound in various bars such as ‘Barfly’ in Limassol and clubs such as Hippodrome and Basement, Limassol

Oz to Napa
In 2001 Antony broke away from the mainstream and started playing Tribal House and Progressive with promotions like Fire Island at venues like Club Memphis and various other Beach Parties around the island!  In 2004 he played alongside Terry Francis resident @ Fabric Club, London an event held at Basement Club and in the summer of 2005 he played alongside Dave Mothersole from Swag Records London!  He was also one of the Napa square’s residents, 2001/3 at X-Bar in Napa.

Underground Production Duo
Los VetaranosCy, aka Los V

In February 2017 the Boys decided to team up as a back to back DJ duo, but also focusing their attention, ideas and knowledge in their newly built studio!  They teamed up with Marios Charalambous, aka Martech, discovering new production techniques and generally having a bit of fun too!  Now they are aptly called the DJ and Producing Duo Los V, aka X.t.a & DJ Nicky P, specialising in all the spectrum’s of Underground, House, Progressive and Techno music!

Los V are looking forward to the summer ahead where they will be performing alongside some of the best local talent Cyprus has to offer and international acts such as Sébastien Léger, NUSHA and more TBA, I could tell they were excited! 😉

You must check out their latest remix of last year’s production, Los Veteranos CY ft. Martech … ‘The Warning’ (Stranger Things Remix) Released April 2018,  an awesome techy mix to a stunning video by Mario Matthews, a message to the world raising awareness about the very serious topic of Global Warming !

This Summers Events
This year’s first event is the second Sunset Tribes Festival 2018 on 2nd June, it’s the gathering of tribes, 3 different music genres, promising to be a wicked event at White Rocks, Governors Beach in Limassol, that’ll smash last June’s event at the same venue, with 29 DJ’s spinning their mixes on 3 Arenas, an electronic music festival pumping outta 30 KW Sound System, on the beach with the sand between your toes, from sunset to sunrise … Now, that’s what beach parties are all about !

Special Guest DJ’s
This year will include the massive Sébastien Léger on Arena 1, all the way from France and on Arena 3, Submarine, Germany and Phase of Belgian fame and Survey of Germany, check here for a full DJ line-up, make sure you get there in time for the Fireworks, Dancers, Fire & Led Shows ! btw, There’s No Pre-Sales, with Tickets only available on the door … Entry is only € 20 with one Free Drink … Info & VIP Reservations.

Lookin’ Forward
They are planning 3 more events for 2018, including on 14th July with ‘Electronic Beach Fever’, 4th August with ‘Summer Sensations’ and 8th September with ‘Autumn Waves’ and What’s On will be covering all of them, so stay tuned … They’ll also be running competitions on Energy Radio Cyprus and Russian Wave Limassol and What’s On will be giving away a few tickets too !

Castle Club in August
Look out for their Djscyprus ‘We Love Techno Tour’!  coz it’s Gonna get hot in here in August, when they present the gorgeous, stunning and amazingly talented DJ Nusha, Romanian born and now renowned on the international circuit as one of the worlds top female names.  She’ll be spinning her Tech/Techno live set at Ociania Beach Restaurant at the far right of Lady’s Mile Beach in Limassol on 15th August 2018 … Check out the promo video here … this’ll be a guaranteed sell out so don’t miss it !!! for more Info & Reservations 

There’s nothing quite like experience!

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