May 2019

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It’s my favourite month!
Mainly because it’s finally, definitely summer, normally hitting over 30°C in the shade!  You just have to love this time of the year, longer sunny days, through crystal clear skies, there’s no heat haze yet, and slightly warmer evenings, so you can go out in a t-shirt and you can spread the butter in the mornings, and I think the quilt can come off soon.  We might get a quick shower, but chances are, seeing we’ve just had our wettest winter in over 100 years, it probably won’t rain again ’til October, except for the very occasional crazy hail storm in August?

Opening Parties
I’ve had to attend loads of closing and opening parties, and as always it’s been fun! hic!, it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it?  May should see the last few places opening, so don’t panic you can still join me at a few … Stay tuned to our facebook page for more …

Pool Parties
You know, summer has well and truly started when most pool parties have already launched or will this month.  The world famous Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party is opening on Thursday 2nd just for the workers t5hen officially on Thursday 9th and the general feeling is Cyprus will have an awesome year with an estimated 3 million visitors arriving.  All the Waterparks should be open and I’ve noticed several hotels adding slides to their pools so you should find one near you …

On the Beach
All the watersports are busy servicing the last few items and most are open to give you a thrill, with maybe one or two extra items still to be floated.  Oh, the majority of these guys have been at it for years and you rarely hear any complaints about the services on offer or in fact the prices available.

Cyprus is versatility to the extreme, and The Flyboarding Cyprus team have trained even more watersports to offer you the opportunity to fly like iron man and dive like a dolphin.  I tried it, and trust me it’s absolutely awesome and a must if you’re into a little adventure sports, btw this is the fastest growing extreme sport in the world!

Cruising the Med
The sea is spotless so maybe an idea to go for a boat cruise.  You’ll find plenty of them at all city harbours, jetties and water sports.  We’ve carefully selected our recommended boat trips, always worth checking out and chilling on the med, Mmm!  I try and get on as many as I can lol.  Last year I was invited to the all-day cruise on Wave Dancer up in Paphos because in May they can still land on Lara Bay Beach as from June to September they have to respect the Turtle Hatching Season … Check out the Cruise Here.

Out & About
May is a great month to get out of town and go for an adventure, coz everything is still green.  I highly recommend places like The Camel Park, Pafos Zoo, Ocean Aquarium, maybe an open-air market, a secluded beach, the Troodos mountains with Trackers Excursions, or back to nature with Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures in Paphos, or the Traditional Cyprus Bus in Paralimni and the awesome George’s Fun Bus in Paphos.

Eating Out
I think you’ll have enough choices when it comes to eateries, as most restaurants, cafes, or taverns will have opened, some of them still finishing last-minute renovations and you just can’t change these guys, mañana, mañana it’s a way of life over here, but that’s one of the reasons this rock is so special.  Same when it comes to enjoying your favourite tipple as most pubs, bars and watering holes are also open, so the choice in both cases should keep you happy!

Record Year
And as forty-six per cent of our economy is based on tourism, and the repercussions go all the way down to the paper merchant, I have a strange feeling it’s going to be a record-breaking year, btw, you heard it here first !!

Clubbing Capital
Napa, once the clubbing capital of Europe is slowly but surely staking its claim for the title again by the middle of May, Ayia Napa will have seven or eight nightclubs to choose from, with Castle Club, Black ‘n’ White and Carwash leading the way and for after parties, Club Aqua and the Napa Rocks crew are already open and rumour has it will be 24/7 this year.

Capital Clubbing
A little more sophisticated, but still rocking, as usual, is Club Zoo in Nicosia.  Whilst Club Teez provide the best in RnB and Prestige the cosmopolitan vibe.  Larnaca keeping its reputation as the hub of Cyprus with loads of Café Bars that swing into clubs late on and Stories and Dstrkt leading the way.  Up in Limassol, our Capital on the coast, Guaba opening in April and is still number one, and Club Eleven, Rote Club, DV8 Club and 7 Seas busy always.  There’s a huge variety of nightlife up on the west coast in Paphos, with a large expat community that keeps them busy most of the year, and the new Retro Club opposite Aces Cocktail Bar providing a good night out!

Live & Loud
There’s live music everywhere these days with Kendall Events presenting ‘A Tribute to T-Rex’ from 16th to 19th and Savino Live in Larnaca rocking it every weekend and Bank Holidays too … a few more like, O’Neill’s Irish Bar & Grill in Paphos, Karsouros Rock Bar in Protaras, Tepee Rock Bar in Limassol all sticking to their guns with regular live music, rock or not! and OMG its only 3 months to Cyprus Rocks 2019.

After Paphos’ up on the West coast boasted the Cultural City of Europe a couple of years ago it just seems to be rolling on and spreading throughout Cyprus with almost daily events, for more check out the CTO Events calendar … I love the Street Art Festival in Ayia Napa last month and I’m looking forward to The ArtFest on 4th & 5th in Protaras …

More …
So the new App launched on Android 25th January 2018, and it’s looking absolutely awesome, even if I say so myself! I believe it’s the only dynamic App on Cyprus, driven by a wicked web site with over 1,500 pages and over 50,000 photos and videos, so please download it on Play Store and give us a 5 Star Review 😉  We are currently working on it to get it on iOS so be patient if it isn’t working perfectly … oh, and don’t forget to follow us on our facebook page, unless of course, you prefer, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest … and last but not least please subscribe to our YouTube channel … See links below …

A bit more …
Look out for the Mayday Donkey Festival in Larnaca and The Dorian’s Coastal Challenge on Thursday 4th of May in Limassol and Limassol Boat Show from 9th to 12th May at the new Marina, and Check out Cyprus Breakfast & Brunch Week from 6th – 12th, through the week, restaurants, cafés and hotels all over Cyprus will offer breakfast and, or brunch, made only of Cypriot products based on local and traditional recipes.

If it’s your first time here, all I can ask is, why? … If you’ve been here before, welcome back, and we all know that you’ll keep coming back time and time again, and eventually you’ll probably end up moving here!, anyway, you are all very welcome, and really finally, step up the UV factor, drink loads of water and make sure you do something you’ve never done before!

Na da boumen
Tony Dynamou
Editor in Chief

Cover photo: Pirates; Cobra and Daniel on The Black Pearl Boat Trip, Ayia Napa Harbour

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