Russian Cyprian Information Centre

Russian Cyprian Information Centre, Paphos, Established 2016

With the massive influx of visitors from Russia, which btw started in the mid-nineties, along of course would come investment, as they discover paradise like many nationalities before them in our 12,600-year history and naturally the need for local, commercial and property investment information and translation services would become increasingly necessary…

Information Centre
Andre, from Paphos and Olga of Russia, created the Russian Cyprian Information Centre, now with over 12 years experience, providing information to the Russian and International Markets including; Documentation Services. Tickets for Flights, Sights and Events. Travel and Hotel or Long term accommodation. Events including B2B and their own Commercial Events and Seminars. Money Transfers & Exchange. Help with Banking. Crypto Currencies. Law Services. Translation Services to any language. Design for Print. Promotional Gifts. Vehicle Purchase & Documentation. Car Rentals and Airport Transfers.  Adult Services and Health Therapy …

Investment Specialists
As more and more International money pours into Cyprus, this team can offer advice on buying a business or creating a new business, providing you with the relevant analytics and business laws and personal requirements with the initial consultation completely free and without commitment.  Having said that, I imagine you’ll be as impressed with this company as I was!

Property Purchase and Management
From the moment you decide to move here, Olga will help you find the right property and visit the Land Registry Offices for you to get Title Deeds and necessary paperwork and stamps … Then they’ll help with banking, shipping, storage, security services and advice …

Money Transfer
Working closely with carefully selected Money Transfer and Money Exchange services including Qiwi Payment Systems, with a 100% success rate when helping if your money is blocked!

Joining their network has many benefits from your first free consultation to the extensive knowledge of Cyprus and especially the local area of Paphos and the after-sales service is excellent and they speak several languages including English, Greek, Russian, German, Spanish, French and Hungarian … so you know you’ll be in safe hands!

Opening all year
Daily: 9 am to 9 pm

You’ll find the office at 18, Artemidos, Athena Court, Kato Paphos, almost opposite the Daphni Hotel, Kato Paphos 

Sound Investments with Solid Foundations!

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Open all year
Monday - Sunday 9 am 'til 9 pm

You'll find them at 18 Artemidos, Athina Court, Kato Paphos

Tel: 0035796294903