On the Night that Castle Opened, Friday 12.04.19

Zilly, aka Dr. Feelgood on a night out with What's On's Tony Dynamou the night Castle Opened ... 12.04.19

Dr. Feelgood
The Castle Club was opening tonight, amongst a few other places, and as it’d be rude not to go, I thought I’d grab my first real night out in Napa for ages … I was meeting up with a new friend Zilly aka Dr. Feelgood, an awesome DJ, just moved here from Germany, you’ll be hearing lots of him this summer I’m sure … I always like to start where the party starts so Senior Frogs was our meeting place …

It wasn’t hard to find Zilly he was the tall dude with dark glasses and a top hat on, he introduced me to son Lucas and his friend Johannes, Napa virgins, not for long they’re out with me lol … Time for one of their delicious Senior Frogs cocktails … Anyway, it was quiet by Froggie standards but still one of the busiest bars in town and as the whole pub conga’d out of the bar and into the street you could tell they were having a party, omg!!!

Let’s get Jungled
Then we popped down to the opening of Jungle Bar to catch up with Lucas and the crew and meet up with the gorgeous Kat another awesome friend from the Green Isle and btw it was a little more chilled here, but as the music mix went from Underground Urban all the way up to Funky hard house we all had a little boogie … brilliant! … as we knocked back a couple of drinks and a few shots, love the swings here …

Dragged In
On the way to our next opening party, as I walked past Carwash I thought, glad their not opening til tomorrow lol … hmm, anyway, we got dragged into Kaluha Bar by their brilliant PR’s, as you do ๐Ÿ˜‰ and Blanco was on the Mic making sure I stopped lol … it’s one of Napa’s longest running bars and was one of the first to open this season a few weeks ago and I love this place so much I had to stop for at least one, well my good friend the gorgeous Andrea happily forced me.ย  They were partying here as they always do, so it’s a definite on any bar crawl lol …

Let’s do it again
Then right next door, was our next stop ‘Encore’, was opening too … now this place is a touch above the rest, I just caught the end of the live music, love Chris on that guitar … then the DJ housed it all up, the pre-club party started, and a couple more real drinks, this place is class … Had a chat to Theo and sworn to secrecy, I’m hearing some awesome plans for this year, so stay tuned …

So much to do and …
We wanted to get to so many places tonight but sadly ran outta time … it was gone 2.30 the lads were itching to get into Castle so I obliged … The VIP was busy, open top n al’ fresco style, and the Main room was well into party mode, so I took the lads down to the R’n’B Room coz that was their poison and me and Zilly went back up, to catch DJ Coxy, the magnificent MC Marshall, well in command getting low, low, low, low … Just gotta say, Steve and the whole crew here know how to throw an opening party, sexy sax, fire show, and gorgeous dancers and a light show like no other …

Crispy Crunchy Calling
Castle was well and truly open, and there we partied until Cobra arrived, by which time we were all very sloshed … and as we fell outta the club at about 6 am I could hear my first Crispy Crunchy calling me … Mmm! and tbh I’m not sure what happened after that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let’s just say “A good night was had by all”

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