Alcohol Mist Exclusively @ Bronx Bar, Ayia Napa

Alcohol Mist only at Bronx Bar, Ayia Napa, Established 2019

Alcohol Mist
I’d heard about this new idea called Alcohol Mist, and just had to go check it out … I met up with Alex, the manager, and Kyle behind the bar, at Bronx Bar in Ayia Napa to show me what everyone is talking about … They’ve got this Unique machine ‘Alcohol Mist’ that vapourises Alcohol and saves it into a Balloon, so instead of taking in Gas, you take in Vapourised Alcohol, and that gives you a really nice buzz which wears off in about 30 to 45 Minutes …. and it’s totally legal, and of course, I had to try it πŸ˜‰ … I gotta say its well cool!

The newest bar on the Strip, Bronx is a little different, with fresh ideas, it’s a bit more than Urban, leaning towards Graffiti, Freestyle with a cool mix of Gangsta, Garage, Hip-hop, and Drum & Bass … I think that’s quite unique in Cyprus … From the outside, it’s all Garage Doors, high, warehouse style, covered in cool street art, and hey who knows what goes on behind closed doors? πŸ˜‰ … Inside, cavelike comes to mind, 2 Bars, huge columns all graffitied up with mirrors and cool light and new JBL banging sound system …

Angel Wings
Opposite is the new chillout bar, with comfy sofas and seating, a pool table to crack a few frames and exotic flavours to enjoy with your friends … in the middle, Alex says “we’re gonna make it our dance floor” … oh and btw, the girls love it here, just for the selfies with Angel Wings by the ladies loos …

Aqua’s Angels
Maybe that’s why you’ll always find the Aqua Angels there? .. Haha, it’s their second home, offering you free entrance and discounted drinks tickets and if you really wanna join the party, you’ll find The Party Hard Bar Crawl here every Wednesday & Sunday nights … and it’s a great place to watch the match on the big projector screen …

Talking with the bar manager, Alex, whose roots go back to the green isle, living in Germany on the Swiss Border, coming for a holiday 4 years ago, like many others he decided to stay and now he’s living his dream … He wants to give you what no one else can … Underground and Urban, not just the sounds but the ambiance too …

I love all the special offers to invite you in … €10 Open Bar for 1 Hour with 2 Free Alco Vape Balloons … and that’s just for starters, so go check out what comes next πŸ˜‰ … My fav the Random Shots for €1 through the night … oh and just wait and see what they’ll do for you if you’re in a Hen Party or Stag Night, or just a Birthday Party, Just ??? Any excuse to get looked after by Alex and the crew …

Behind the Bar
The bar is well stocked with your fav tipples, Bottled Beers from Stella and Becks, German Beers, Smirnoff Ice and Wicked, Strongbow and Magners Ciders … all the spirits are quality imported, Beefeater Gin, Red Lable Scotch and loads more …

Now, Kyle, a Scott from Edinburgh, has been behind a bar for 6 Years, much as he’s a qualified chef, having worked in 3 Rossett Kitchen, The Old Course Hotel, in Scotland …Β  and this year he’s put together a new Cocktail Menu, with a few awesome signature cocktails you just have to try … The Porn Star Martini, The Tom Collins and the Pink Collins but my absolute fav is The Bronx, red label, grapefruit juice, Grenadine, served in shot glasses over ice …

Tickets & Events
They’ve got some great events in the making and DJ’s on Rotation include DJ Vedsken from Bulgaria and our very own, one of Napa’s originals, the awesome DJ Alex P there 5 nights a week … and some really cool DJ’s coming to guest this season … They also have tickets for all the big clubs and events like BCL, Fantasy Boat Party, Aqua, Carwash, to mention but a few …

Open Long Summer Season
March to November
Nightly: 8 pm ’til 2.30 am
Weekends: 8 pm ’til 3.30 am

You’ll find them at 11, Gregory Afxentiou Street, Ayia Napa, on the strip, in the middle of the nightlife area of Bar Street, in between, Red Square and Club Soho, attracting all sorts, coz it’s just that little bit different … Go check out Alcohol Mist … See Map Below …

From freestyle to underground to as high as you want!

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