Pizzeria Caliano, Kissonerga, Paphos

Pizzeria Caliano, Kissongera, Paphos, and Old Town Paphos, Established 2007

When in Rome
It’s really hard to find a traditional pizzeria this side of Rome but this one comes soooo close to the real thing … Pizzeria Caliano is the result of a dream, a dream to open a traditional pizzeria where Demi and his sister Gina could put their 12 years experience on the plate … nothing too fancy, just one of the best Italian pizza you’ll find anywhere!!!

Home from Home
This brother and sister team are originally from Bucharest, Romania, where Demi studied and qualified in catering at a private school, both persuaded to move to Cyprus by their father, an artist extraordinaire, who hand crafted fireplaces, and was the genius behind the creation of the inside of the wood fired pizza oven that cooks your pizza to absolute perfection, whilst Demi and Gina designed the oven fascia and the interior of the restaurant … a rustic feel, minimalistic, comfortable, and traditional with a beautiful garden out back, sails providing the shade as you watch the sunset over the sea view …

Secret Recipe
It must be noted that they opened their Takeaway Pizzeria in old town Paphos back in 2007 and riding on their success, they opened this restaurant in March 2020, just before lock down, re-opening on 1st May, and I highly recommend you to go and try their traditional Italian Cuisine, especially their unique Pizza, a secret recipe, I’m sworn to secrecy, the style somewhere in between thick crust from Rome and thin crust from Napoli, so, not too thin not to thick, as Demi says; just perfect!

On the Menu
For starters, Funghi al Forno, mushrooms sauteed in butter and covered in cheese and Parmesana or Bruschetta, an oven baked bread with fresh tomato, garlic, basil and olive oil … or a selection of Pizza Rolls and of course Garlic Bread made with their unique Pizza Dough, my fav the Garlic Bread Super Special with melted cheese and pepperoni

Tramezzini, an oven baked sandwich served with chips, choose Salami, Tuna, Lountza, Chicken, Vegetarian or my fav the Mafioza, beef strips, tomato, onion and mozzarella … or a selection of Submarine Rolls and delicious Burgers … There’s fresh cut Salads, a kids menu, or create your own pizza, choose regular, large or extra large and then as many as 46 different toppings … Mama Mia!!!

Now these guys like to cook Italian so you’ll be in for a treat … The Camberoni All’Aglio is gorgeous King Prawns in a garlic creamy sauce and there’s a selection of Risotto and if you wanna keep it Italian born in the UK its gotta be Cod or Haddock & Chips Mmm!

Naturally there’s a delicious selection of pasta including Spaghetti Carbonara, with fresh cream, bacon, egg and Parmesan cheese or a Vegetariana, with Cherry tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn, olives, onions, in tomato sauce with basil and garlic and a homemade Lasagne to mention but a few … oh and the Ravioli is homemade and out of this world!

As I mentioned earlier, at Pizzeria Calioni all the pizzas are cooked in their speciality wood fired oven so get ready to taste one of the best pizzas I’ve ever tasted this side of Italy … with over 20 different made fresh to order toppings … too many to mention you can see them all on their menu here … everything from a Margarita to a Casalinga, with mushrooms, fresh tomato, chicken and Olives … or the Quatro Stagioni, a mix of mushrooms, shrimps, mussels and olives … with extra cheese please … but my fav has to be the Santa Marina a mix of mushrooms, pepperoni, onions and black olives, and sometimes I just make my own with lountza, mushrooms, onions, black olives and again extra cheese please … oh, btw the extra large is a 50 cm diameter pizza that could feed up to 4 people!!!

Special Offers
Demi and Gina always have special offers on and they change every two or three months so do keep an eye open on their facebook page … I love the combos, things like 1 x Extra Large Pizza, 10 onion rings, 10 cheese croquettes, chips and a Greek salad for only ā‚¬25

Demi is set to put on some cool live music events, and he’s a really cool DJ so expect to find a cool mix of Spanish, Italian, and jazzy tunes played through an awesome sound system oh, and every Friday night Kindred Vibes presents Roma Capoccia an enchanting cosmopolitan evening with Kyp & Carmen serenading you Italian style while you enjoy your meal and maybe a glass or two of some carefully selected Italian Wines … oh, and Demi & Gina welcome enquiries for birthday parties and special events …

Open all year
Daily: 12 noon ’til 11 pm

You’ll find the restaurant to Dine-in, Takeaway or Delivery at 68, Kissonerga Avenue in Kissongera, Paphos … its right opposite Arabica Coffee shop … with ample parking outside …see map below …
GPS: 34.825195, 32.392364

Take Away & Delivery
Their original shop for Takeaway or Delivery only is at 57, Nikolaou Nikolaidi, 8021 Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus … See map here and check out their reviews here
GPS: 34.780955, 32.433959

Stone Fired Pizza are best

By Kyp Pareskeva

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