The Great Escape

Moving to Cyprus is easy when you finally make the decision to move!

I’m hearing an increasing amount of people from the UK, Scandinavia and many other European countries are thinking, or more accurately, ‘already decided’ about moving to Cyprus permanently … This I’m led to believe from a good friend and solicitor George Mintis is partly down to the way Cyprus’ government handled the Covid crisis, after all the word ‘Pandemic’ is Greek and so ‘we’ should know how to handle one … oh, and before you say “we’re not allowed to travel” … Apparently there’s a loop hole that allows you to travel if you are buying a property!

Slow it Down
I have to say Cyprus did a sterling job, first locking down very quickly, by closing our schools before the end of February 2020, and then closing Cyprus’ borders, with an immediate two week quarantine in a hotel, paid for by the state, which stopped the import of the virus, then initiating sms messages to leave home and a 9 pm to 6 am curfew immediately … and the rest is history …

Peace of Mind
Much has happened since, but the important thing is with a population of about 1.275 million, at the time of writing, we’ve managed to keep our ‘death with Covid’ rate to 313 people since the start of the pandemic, the average age being 84, with an underlying health problem.  I must say that buying 5 tons of that drug ‘Hydroxychloroquine’ obviously had something to do with it, whilst many other counties umm’ed and ahh’ed about whether to prescribe it to their patients … it’s apparently 98.8% effective even when applied at the start of symptoms but more so when things got critical … Here’s a link to the figures

I moved to this wonderful rock we call paradise, from lovely, lovely Bath in UK back in 1993 because I knew then, that this place is very special, and without a doubt one of the safest and nicest environments to live in.  And as I’ve experienced bringing up children here I can personally tell you that I couldn’t have chosen a better environment to raise my kids and we’ve never regretted making that decision!

See you soon
Sure, I miss my family, friends, the green, watching a game of football, but on the other hand we only get 35 days of rain a year, and with several of the best beaches in Europe, one of the finest seas and a culture that dotes their kids and live for the table.  I’ve welcomed many a friend and family to stay with us on their holidays and we’ve learnt just to say “see you soon’, not goodbye”

Helping you move
On my recent chat with Trish Browne of Blue Surf Property in Protaras Trish told me “they have seen a steady increase in enquiries for property from many European countries”, confirming my initial thoughts.  Trish went on to tell me that “they get a feeling of total satisfaction when they help someone move from their homeland to Cyprus, understanding that it’s probably one of the biggest things they’ve ever done in their lives”.

Trish and her crew take great pride in helping you move firstly by finding you a perfect property to suit your needs then all the way down to assisting to organise the container to bring all your personal possessions with you, not forgetting your furry friends like cats and dogs.  I have to say that Blue Surf Property have built a reputation second to none to make sure your move goes without any problems as they have the experience and know how to solve many situations, not only very effectively but also very quickly …

Just do it!
To be honest if you’d asked me if I’d ever move to Cyprus in 1992 I’d have laughed at you but we stopped looking for excuses and decided to give it a go and never looked back … We live in a country with one of the best climates in the world, long hot summers, short mild winters.  I believe it’s the safest place with under 2 million population.  The Cypriots dote their children and live for the table.  We have several of the finest beaches in the world and I’d say the best sea I’ve ever had the pleasure to swim in … so, don’t think about it just do it!!!

You’ll never regret it!

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