George Mintis Law Firm, Paralimni

George Mintis Law Firm, Paralimni, Established 1985

I popped into catch up with George and Eva Mintis who have been vey busy since Covid started, with the increase of interest from people moving to Cyprus from the EU and UK … the topic of conversation moved towards Brexit and it seems they are even busier now, assisting with the purchase of property, offering legal assistance and property conveyancing and indeed immigration procedures after Brexit.  Cyprus of course is still having close ties to Britain.  On that note, this law office is highly respected in all these procedures.

Brexit changed many things, but none that can’t be handled professionally and of course legally.  For example if you are a non EU citizen, when purchasing property in Cyprus you’ll need to get The Council of Ministers to approve the purchase and obtain the title deeds of the property first.  George, Eva, and Margarita are extremely experienced in attaining both and they’ll be there for you and your family all the way!

After our entry to Europe 2004 you could just move here and get a job easily!  That’s still the case, but if you’re from the UK, Brexit, has now made it not quite that easy any more and if you’re planning on launching a business here, it’ll need to be registered.  In addition, you may also need things like Bank Guarantees, Medical Insurance and one or two other things and again this Law Firm has the experience required to advise you exactly what you’ll need and they are always ready to help with your purchase, investment, or business, so that you can move forward with peace of mind.

Over 35 Years
In fact, George D. Mintis is a name synonymous to trust, reliability and upmost professionalism and with over 35 years of extensive experience in various fields of law, you know you’re in safe hands.  Born in Famagusta, George told me he was one of those students good at theoretical studies, like History and Ancient Greek, reading the news daily and keeping up to date with politics.

The violin was his passion, but it was inevitable he would study law.  Interestingly, whilst he was serving his mandatory two year national service in the Army, he was also taking the governmental exams, he smiled as he told me “I used this as an excuse to earn some free vacations and I secured a position into the Law Faculty of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, thrice”.

Cyprus Bar
Right after his military service, he moved to Thessaloniki where he obtained his Bachelor in Law.  His four year studies of Law followed by his pupilage here in Nicosia, where he worked as a trainee with the Advocate Andreas Paschalides, who went on to become a Judge in the Supreme Court.  In 1985 George became a qualified member of the Cyprus Bar Association.

The Early Days
Establishing his first office in Ayia Napa in 1985, George worked extensively in the fields of Corporate Law, Banking Law, Immigration Law, Property Law, Succession Law aka Wills and Probate and Labour Law, hence he laid a solid foundation providing legal services to residents, non-residents, individuals and corporations … I first met George in 1994, when he moved to his new offices in Paralimni, originally on 1st April Avenue, but now at Mintis Court, where I’m always made to feel welcome.

His reputation quickly became second to none, with a much acknowledged track record of drafting airtight agreements based on the clients’ requirements and he is always there to assist on complex property law matters, probate issues, disputes between individuals and companies and inheritance taxes, including but not limited to family disputes, breach of contracts, rent arrears, Mortgage & Banking issues.  I have recommended several contacts to him over the years and everyone called back to thank me.

In reality, George and Eva have looked after many clients that have had problems with ‘Trapped Buyers Law’ which came to law in 2015 encompassing problematic properties, things like unauthorised and lost title deeds and applications to the land registry or municipalities in order to complete the buyers application for the issuing of title deeds.

George has been a member of several governmental organisations including The Licensee Authority, The Licensee Review Authority, The Board of Directors of The Cyprus Tourism Organisation, aka C.T.O, of which he has served as a Member from 2006 to 2009 and held the position of Vice-Chairman from 2009 to 2013 and the Committee of Famagusta Bar Association.  He also participates actively in various regional and local community activities.

Like Father
Daughter Eva has followed in dad’s footsteps, a qualified Advocate from the University of Cyprus, gaining her entry to the Faculty of Law with exemplary grades, finally earning her Bachelor at Law with First Class Honours.  Eva then pursued a Master’s Degree from the Queen Mary University of London specialising on Commercial Arbitration and International Investment Disputes.

Eva recently succeeded in protecting a private company from giving its assets to the Bank through a Writ of Attachment procedure and she successfully represented a mother on a cross-border abduction case concerning the return of the child.  In addition Eva specialises in complex probate issues between heirs and other family members.  When they take on a Probate case they will execute it from start to finalisation and the heirs will be assured that the work involved will be completed by their law firm professionally, thus relieving you of all the hassle and stress.

Who You Know
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying in Cyprus? … ”It’s who you know”, well there’s not many people that George doesn’t know.  So you’ll be assured that you will receive the most reliable and up-to-date services beyond his own legal expertise, as George D. Mintis Law Firm has forged solid business relations with professionals in many related fields, especially within the conveyancing, commerce, property and development markets.

Boutique Law Firm
I asked them both why they are so successful and Eva said; ”We are committed to providing the best representation possible at a fair cost.  Clients’ needs are our top priority, and we communicate with them on an ongoing basis”.  I suppose the best way you could describe them is a ‘Boutique Law Firm’ offering specialised services to clients who are looking for the personal touch and their success is partly down to their clients who keep coming back and of course recommending them to their friends!

Not a Lot of People Know
George never lost his passion for the violin, since he was 9 years old, learning classical violin to grade 8 at Trinity College, London and then as a University student he often played at the best tavernas in Thessaloniki and has been known to entertain friends and family for special celebrations.

First Contact
Your first point of contact will be Margarita, George and Eva’s personal assistant, having now been with the company 15 years.  Margarita has extensive experience in conveyancing immigration and wills, building long standing and valued relationships with their clients based on honesty and trust.

Open all Year
May to September
Monday to Friday
8 am ’til 1 pm
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October to April
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You’ll find them at Mintis Court, Office 304, 3rd Floor, 43 Griva Digeni Street, Paralimni opposite the Petrolina Petrol Station … Click the Google Map icon below …
GPS: 35.041393, 33.979776

Conveyancing, Probate & Immigration Specialists

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