Star Shaped

Sunbathing tips, . Photo by Tony Dynamou, Model Rachel Lane, Paphos

Catch some rays
After an excusable, hard night partying, and if you can drag yourself out of bed early enough to catch some rays, you’ll be pretty much guaranteed to get a fab tan.  However … be warned!  Yeah, we know, boring, boring, boring, but please take note, the sun in Cyprus is incredibly strong.  In March it can reach up to 30°C in the shade, that’s a little over 90°F in English, especially between 11:00 and 13:00 and the air is clearer, so the sun is stronger and whatever you do, don’t let those cool Mediterranean breezes fool you!

Drink lots of water
So in direct sun, it’ll be hotter, maybe over 33°C, especially as there is very little heat haze, so clearer skies and possibly a little humid and hence a very deceiving sun.  It doesn’t matter how easily you tan if you don’t use protection you could burn!  My suggestion is first, make sure you drink lots of water, which naturally helps to reduce the dehydration factor.  The average ‘burn time’ is about 40 minutes, so use a sun cream with a UV factor of at least 20 for the first couple of days, gradually lowering throughout your holiday.

Reflection factor
You’ll even tan sitting under a brolly … honest!  And be careful in the sea and swimming pools, as the reflection factor enhances the sun’s strength.  And don’t think you’ll get away with it on a bike, quad, or in an open-top car either.

Straight from the fridge
If you do burn, try Natural Yogurt.  Spread it straight from the fridge all over the hot bits, or get someone else to do it for you, the mind boggles? allow to dry to take out all the heat, shower off and cover yourself in chilled after-sun lotion, or pure Aloe, and drink loads more water.  Then avoid the sun for at least a day.

A gradual tan lasts longer, avoids discomfort, peeling, and a shitty holiday!

Weather forecast for Cyprus:

Daylight hours: March apx. 6:15 am to 6.00 pm