Bacchus Restaurant and Cafe, Kato Paphos

Bacchus Restaurant & Cafe, Established 1994

Awesome Views
Coming highly recommended many years ago, I popped down to meet Andonis, the charismatic owner of Bacchus Restaurant and Café on the promenade in Paphos, with awesome views overlooking the harbour area and the Mediterranean Sea.  I must just say, ‘the recommendation was exemplary, and I’ve been back many times since!

Multi-Cultural Fusion
It’s a family-run business, and a more international eatery would be hard to find, with Mediterranean, Greek, Italian and Indian cuisines to add to the traditional Cypriot choices on the menu, Andonis calls it “Multi-Cultural-Fusion” … I suppose, that says it all!

Truly International
In the kitchen, international Chefs, including three excellent Indian Chefs, cook everything fresh to order.  The menu is massive, so I can’t cover everything, but let’s start with the best, fresh Black Angus Steaks from Uruguay and Argentina, grilled to perfection and maybe topped with one of their a’la carte sauces… my fav, the Trio Peppers Sauce, really is ‘to die for’! …

Sea Food
Boasting the best Fish Meze in the area, there’s everything from King Prawns and fresh Salmon steaks to fresh Grouper, Red Mullet, Red Snapper, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Octopus, Calamari, imported Live Lobster and fresh Oysters, and btw if you really want a treat, you must try the Lobster Thermidor … all I can say is Wow!

There really is something for everyone, some of my favourites include the chargrilled traditional Halloumi cut nice and thick, tantalizing Spare Ribs dripping in a secret honey sauce, Cheese Platters for two and one of the most succulent Chicken Souvlaki I’ve ever tasted, marinated in Yogurt and herbs, just delicious! Oh and, the homemade burgers are out of this world, and the meat meze is so big, make sure you go hungry!

Pasta & Pizza
Many a’ regular customers favourites because the Fresh Pasta is cooked to perfection with a variety of sauces, my favourite has to be the creamy Carbonara … Having said that, you should see how many homemade pizzas they serve here … and btw, you can even create your own pizza!

Indian Corner
Specially selected from several regions of India, from North to South, including Chicken Jal Frezzi, Tandoori Chicken, Creamy Chicken Tikka Masala and a spectacular Prawn Curry, to mention but a few.

Vegan & Veggies
Following Cypriot fasting traditions, Antonis has added a selection of delicious Vegetarian and Vegan dishes to the menu, and there’s no ‘cross cooking’ here.

Wines & Desserts
The Wine Cava is plentiful, the Cocktails and Mojitos brilliant, the frozen Strawberry Margaritas, very Moorish and oh, you must leave room for a little dessert.  I love the Flambé Crepe Suzette but the homemade Crème Brulee and the Tiramisu are just amazing.

Parties & Events
The excellent crew speaking several languages will always make you welcome, there’s a separate Children’s Menu and a Take Away service too.  It’s also a great venue for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries and Hen Nights.  Oh, and don’t be surprised if you see a little Greek dancing going on!

Special Offers
With occasional special offers; and if you mention What’s On you’ll be in for a lovely surprise!

Open All Year
Summer: 8.30 am ’til 1 am
Winter: 8.30 am ’til 10 pm
All credit cards accepted
Free Wifi

Easy to find because they are on the Promenade, just 200 metres from the Harbour entrance and just before the Sea Baths at 7, Poseidonos Avenue, Kato Paphos … Click on the Google Map icon below …
GPS: 34.755546, 32.413637

Multi-Cultural Fusion!

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