Eating Out


Live for the Table
In Cyprus eating is a national pastime, so you’ll find it hard to eat at a ‘bad’ restaurant.  We rarely hear anyone complain about their choice, after all, the Cypriots take great pride in being hospitable, especially at the table … in fact, they live for it!

Most major cities have just about every cuisine you could imagine and much as in the winter, some cities are still like a ghost town, over the past few years we’ve seen an increasing number of eateries staying open to provide you with the usual excellent service, and it’s nice to see the swing towards these trendy designer cafes popping up all over the place!

Charcoal Aromas
There’s an unending selection of quality tavernas and restaurants, many pumping out that distinctive charcoal aroma that has been around here for thousands of years.  Naturally, we invented kebabs so you’ll never taste better Souvlaki anywhere!

Red Soil Villages
Fortunately, everything tastes nicer here as often as not they use local produce grown in the ‘kokkinohoria’, red soil villages, predominantly in the Ammohostos area, which naturally dramatically improves the flavours.

Fast n Furious
Let’s not forget of course McDonalds which are in all major cities, some even do delivery as do, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, and good old Kentucky Fried Chicken.  There are also literally hundreds of snack bars doing the usual, toasted Ham & Halloumi Sandwiches or Halloumi & Ham, or Ham & Halloumi without the ham … aaghhhhh!!! … A definite, alternative to real kebabs when you fall out of the pubs and clubs.

The choice really is endless!
You really can’t go far wrong, but here’s our tips for starters, or maybe a few afters 😉 …