Greek Independence Day is 25th March

25th March is Greek Independence Day, Since 1821

Ottoman Empire
Greek Independence Day, aka Greek National Day or Annunciation Day, is an annual date on the calendar celebrated on March 25th as a bank holiday, even though it lands on a Saturday this year.  The day marks the start of the Greek War of Independence, against the Ottoman Empire in 1821.

The Greek War of Independence lasted for almost 10 years, during which the brave Greeks battled for their freedom and autonomy.  The war was fired by a passion for their national identity and a strong desire to save the Greek language, culture, and religion.  The Greeks were eventually successful in their quest for independence, and on March 25th, 1821, they raised the Greek flag over the Acropolis in Athens.

Fly the Flag
Independence Day is an important day for Greeks all over the world.  It’s a day to celebrate Greek culture, history, and their heritage.  In mainland Greece, the day is celebrated with military parades, religious services, and cultural events.  The biggest parade takes place in Athens, where Greek soldiers march in traditional costumes and carry the Greek flag.

Elite Soldiers
On the day one of the most interesting traditions is the ‘Evzones’ aka The Presidential Guard.  These are Greece’s elite soldiers, who wear traditional Greek uniforms and guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, set in front of the Greek Parliament building in Athens.  Their unique uniform and impressive marching skills are a symbol of Greek pride and national identity.

In Cyprus
Greek Independence Day is also celebrated by Greek and Cypriot communities worldwide, from the UK to Australia and the United States.  Cypriots will also gather together to celebrate, by lighting BBQs and enjoying food, music, and dancing, and many will dress in traditional costumes.  It’s a day to remember their ancestors, who fought for their freedom, and to honor their Greek cultures and heritage.

It’s a Bank Holiday
In Brief, Greek Independence Day is a day of great significance to Greeks all over the world.  It’s a day to celebrate their culture, history, and freedom.  It’s a reminder of the sacrifices made by their ancestors and the strong sense of national identity that binds Greeks and Cypriots together and naturally it’s a bank holiday, so many shops will be closed …

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