It’s April & It’s Easter 2023

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Hot Hot Hot
It’s April my favourite month, mostly because the clocks went forward on March 25th so that means summer is well and truly here, we start the month with a bank holiday and because the fields are still really green, there’s blossom everywhere, but with the predictions that temperatures will surpass 28°C by mid-April, that’s 86°F in English so I’m off to the beach for a swim and of course to top up the tan!

Is it summer yet?
Talking about beaches, you know Ayia Napa and Protaras boast 2 of the best beaches in Europe and I believe we have the nicest sea I’ve ever had the pleasure to swim in, licensing hours currently ‘til 2.30 am, and then, of course, our night clubs will take you through to sunrise, not too good for the tan unless you go straight to the beach.

Happy Bunnies
It’s Easter, one of the most significant events in Cyprus, as it marks the beginning of spring and the celebration of Orthodox Easter, which is the most important religious holiday on the island.  Orthodox Easter, also known as Pascha, is celebrated by the majority of Cypriots who belong to the Greek Orthodox Church.  The holiday falls on a different date each year, usually between late March and late April, depending on the lunar calendar, this year Easter Sunday falls on 16th April

5 Bank Holidays
So, another reason I love this month is coz we’ve got 5 Bank Holidays, starting with Cyprus National Day, on Saturday 1st.  Then it’s Easter, the biggest event on the Greek Orthodox calendar, with Good Friday on the 14th, Easter Sunday on 16th, Easter Monday on 17th, we get an extra day on the Tuesday 18th, hmm, and of course normally, the ‘not to be missed midnight mass on Saturday 15th so we might as well take that off too and make a holiday of it, oh and as the 1st of May is also a bank holiday, we might as well take that last weekend off to finish off April the way we started it, lighting BBQ’s …

Busy, Busy
Coincidently, this year Christian Easter falls on Sunday 9th and Greek Orthodox Easter a week later on Sunday 16th May, which means it’ll be busy on the coastal resorts for about 3 weeks.  Easter of course marks the end of 49 days of Lent, which started on Green Monday and of course, Easter Sunday is the day we all go crazy, lighting bonfires and BBQ’s, the aromas of barbecued Lamb just mouth-watering.

On Easter Sunday, families gather to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with a traditional feast.  The most common Easter dish in Cyprus is the sacrificed whole lamb, spit roasted over charcoal, or large chunks of barbecued lamb known as souvla, which is often accompanied by salads, bread, and other side dishes.  The feast is usually held outdoors, with families and friends enjoying the warm spring weather and the festive atmosphere.

Take Two
Another event I’d like to get to is the 21st Cyprus Film Days International Festival, from 21st ’til 29 April 2023, at The Rialto Theatre in Limassol and Zena Palace, Nicosia.  The event showcases films from all over the world and brings together filmmakers, actors, and film enthusiasts from Cyprus and beyond.  The festival is a great opportunity to experience the cultural diversity of the island and to celebrate the art of filmmaking.

The entertainment scene is slowly picking up with Kendall Events bringing back the awesome Davey Nicholls, the UK’s No.1 Tribute to Gary Barlow live on a mini tour from Peyia on 13th to Pernera on the 18th and Timi, Pissouri and Tala in between.  Savino Live in Larnaca launches the month with Speak in Whispers live on stage and live rock bands every weekend … and the Koursaros Music Bar in Protaras is always the place to be for a bit of live rock on the east coast.

Getting Ready
Driving around its evident businesses are getting ready to open in time for the influx of Easter visitors from all over the world, and in fact, our nationals who’ll normally leave their villages and the Capital to come down to the coast, to light their barbies and maybe dip their toes into the sea, ha ha, remember most of the locals won’t go in ’til June … oh, and quite a few of our recommended eateries are launching new menus this year!  Many are still providing a takeaway and delivery service for those ‘I don’t wanna cook every day’ moments.

On the Med
I’ll be expecting a few boat cruises to launch this month, I’ve been chatting to them and it looks like we’ll see Wave Dancer busy up in Paphos and The Black Pearl, Ocean Queen, Yellow Submarine and Fantasy Boat Party in Napa and Medusa Cruises, Aphrodite Cruises I, and Dolphin Submarine on the jetty over in Protaras.

Out & About
It’s a great time to go touring to discover the real Cyprus, a couple of recommended tours are with Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures on the west coast, Quad Bike Safari in Larnaca, and Trackers Excursions over on the east coast, all coming into their element at this time of the year.  On that note, do go and check out the new babies at The Camel Park at Mazatos or Paphos Zoo, and make sure you catch the animals at dinner time for some jaw-dropping photos, it’s awesome!

Award Winning
We’re now in our 11th year as an online guide to Cyprus based on our original magazine launched in 1999, and the Network is growing daily.  We’ve always said we’re the best guide to Cyprus and this year we’ve received two awards, firstly The Cyprus Prestige Arawds and just today by The IGap Travel Awards as the Best Tourist Platform in Cyprus, ha! they don’t realise that many of our followers are locals and ex-pats based in Cyprus.

Web Site
Meanwhile, our responsive website fits nicely onto your phone and is one-word searchable.  It’s over 1,800 pages and 25,000 photos and videos and you might notice, I’m loving Cyprus, and my job, and btw, I’ve been here doing much the same thing for 30 Years, and I promise I’m gonna make sure this remains the best guide to Cyprus!

Lets get Social
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Remember this place has a 12,600 year history and it’s the Island of our Goddess Aphrodite, where sun, sea, sex, and selfies are all part of the norm, well, what else would you expect?  You don’t think that all those Greek Gods came here for nothing, do you?

So, to finish off as usual, if I can give you one tip, make sure you do something you’ve never done before! … At least once!

Na da boumen
Tony Dynamou

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