Carwash Disco, Ayia Napa

Carwash Disco, Ayia Napa, Established 1995

Best Night Out
I can’t say enough about this place, voted the best disco in town, and in my book it’s ‘The Best Night Out’ … Carwash has been smashing it in Napa for 28 years now … it’s got a bit of my heart coz we were involved in the launch, with DJ Steve Altman, who first suggested the idea, and in fact, we even created their logo and flyers, T-Shirts and stuff … I just love all the Retro decor and the featured yellow mini cooper DJ box and the dancing on the bars with free shots, fire shows, and sparklers a nightly event.

Dancing on the Bars
In 2013/14, I was invited by my very good friends, owners, Militsa and Savvas to be PR manager, and we put together a pr crew of 25, and we took Carwash out of the ’70s and 80’s into the ’90s and naughties and we smashed it!!!!

Wall to Wall
There was nothing quite like walking down those steps and through the double swing doors into a wall-to-wall crowd with no more room on the bars, full of girls dancing and singing their hearts out … and we were the only club that let the crews from the other clubs in with their crew shirts on, by the end of the night, as they closed, every other club in Napa were in the house … just awesome!

Still Retro
These days my very good friend Andreas is the manager … I caught up with him for a chat … and he said “It’s business as usual” … these days, they are playing more of the classics from the naughties, the tracks your mum and dad used to listen too and of course, all the way back to the 70’s too … he laughed as he told me; “Last year there was a girl in her 20’s here, she was dressed all Hip-Hop style, baggy trousers, brogues and all, I asked her what she was doing in Carwash, she answered my parents told me ‘if I didn’t go to Carwash not to come home’ … at 7 am we had to ask her to leave” … lol

DJ Mix
Resident DJ Stelios Stylianou and DJ Karvelas and occasional guests still play a rewind mix from the 70’s, to the 90’s, and all of the classics from the naughties … each in their own styles, yet it’s always soooo cheesy, you just get drawn in and before long whatever your mood you were in, you’re singing your heart out … it’s kind of addictive! … Naturally every night they play the Commodores track Carwash and everyone joins in!

Back on the Decks
I’ve just found out from Andreas that my very good friend DJ Trevor Moore will be back on the decks this summer from June to September … our resident DJ for many years … I can’t wait!!!

Everyone Joins In
I just love it when the DJ puts on one of the classics and everyone joins in … Check out the Video of the whole club doing The Cupid Shuffle … and this one of The Candy Dance … oh and look out for their Pool Parties

Gorgeous Crew
Normally one of the first clubs to open and last to close coz there’s nothing else quite like it. This place gets packed wall to wall in the summer, with MCs from all over Napa grabbing the mic, naturally its a workers favourite so expect a few surprises, and the gorgeous bar staff and crazy PR crew all add to the ambiance to make it, without doubt, the best night out in Napa! … Here are the Crew Washing the Mini to the Carwash Anthem 

Party, Party
They of course welcome enquiries to hold your birthday party or special event here and if you call Andreas and tell him how many people you are inviting he’ll arrange Free Entrance and One Free Drink each and will probably throw in a bottle of Bubbles for you!  You’ll find Andreas responds to messages very quickly! … Cyprus UK

Special Offers
There’s always special offers on drinks, so just ask one of the Pr’s in-town what’s on tonight … oh and, one of the coolest ideas I’ve heard is … If you can send them a photo of you and your friends in Carwash, pre-2000 or you had your wedding party here anytime you’ll be in for a lovely surprise … That’s the Way I like it

Reviews & Videos
Check out their reviews on Trip Advisor and Facebook … Are you ready for 2023 … Check out more videos here …  and at the end of the night … It Really Doesn’t Even Matter! … oh and, However cheesy you think this is you’ll be crazy if you miss it!!!

Open long Summer Season
April ’til October …

Nightly: 1 am ’til very late!

Carwash Disco is halfway down Ayia Mavris Street, almost next door to Senior Frogs, just a few minutes walk from the square … Click on the Google Map Icon below …
GPS: 34.989754, 33.994851

U Can’t Touch This!

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