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Paphos Zoo
Whenever I get a little spare time, I love to pop up to Pafos Zoo … It’s one of those places I go to get away from the maddening crowd, sort of gets me closer to nature . standing that close to these awesome animals, sort of overwhelms you with a passion for life !

Passion for Animals
I’d been trying to see the Parrot Show for ages so I grabbed a couple of hours out of my hectic schedule and headed for the zoo … The lovely Xenia welcomed me as always and as I was a little early for the show I thought I’d grab a few shots around the zoo while I waited …

Originally just a Bird Park, it evolved into a Zoo mainly because of owner Chris’ passion for animals, coming from South Africa it sort of makes sense …

Mini Farm
First stop was the birds of prey, owls and hawks and eagles and onto the Mini Farm where the kids can go up close to a few goats and hamsters … The crocodiles were looking chilled and the Flamingos all on one leg ? ope that was nothing to do with the crocodiles . The ponies were happy munching and so were the camels, screwing their jaws up, so funny and that massive Turtle must be how old ??? …

As I arrived at the Lions enclosure, typical cats, they were asleep and the male’s head was resting right next to the fence, omg ! awesome … King of the Jungle, I can see why !! … There was a small crowd, so I watched the kids faces as they realised they are so close to such a wonderful beast . Even the dads were getting selfies, without the kids, lol . and right next door, the Burmese Tigers looked majestic sat high on the shelter …

Long Necks
Just past the play area I met Serina, aptly named after the beautiful Sirena Bay in Protaras . Serina was monitoring Giraffe Feeding time, carefully stripping leaves from Acacia trees and the like .. You are allowed to feed them, and there’s a platform provided so you can get a bit closer … Naturally the Giraffes are happy but you should see the kids faces as they chomp away, just a picture, so whatever you do don’t forget your camera … Thanks Serina for letting me have a go, he say’s with a Cheshire Cat grin 😉

Great Escape
On the way to the Parrot show I spotted a few Macaws trying to do a Great Escape, looks like they were getting close … Quick short cut through the Reptile house coz I just love the snakes, but I almost pooed myself as I opened the door and bumped into the Spiders tanks … yukk !

Parrot Show
Typically my camera battery ran out just as the show started . Spare in the car ?? but I got a couple of shots with my I-Phone, especially watching the kids doing their scarecrow pose whilst the parrots perched on their outstretched arms, mid show flight . I only wish I’d got a shot of the huge owls swooping over my head … The girls really know how to handle these birds and put on a really nice show … Oh well, looks like I’ll have to go back … It’s a hard job but someone’s gotta do it …

School Holidays
With the Christmas holidays looming and that ‘What shall we do with the kids?’ thoughts, why not take them to get closer to the animals . It’s an awesome day out, with over 800 spices, there’s plenty to do, cafes to grab a snack or just a coffee and the moments spent seeing these creatures in real life, up close, is just irreplaceable !

Ps, that monkey at the end is me 😉

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Photos by Tony Dynamou