Tiki Bar, Ayia Napa

Tiki Bar, Ayia Napa

Established 2012
Tiki Bar is situated at the old Live Lounge venue, but completely renovated throughout and looking awesome with Aztec style features, neon paint everywhere and a wicked sound system to blow your socks off … plus a cool panoramic view over Napa and absolutely gorgeous bar staff and crew, that are all slightly nuts 😉

Dreams come true
Btw, Karina and Jamie arrived in Napa 8 years ago, launching the now famous Mayhem Bar Crawl, aka the messiest bar crawl in Napa … but Karina always wanted her own bar and now where better to start your night off and finish off for that matter …

Unbeatable !
The ambience here is eat, drink, rave, repeat, and naturally it’s hard to beat and the drinks offers include any 2 drinks with 2 free shots or step it up with 4 drinks n 4 shots … or try one of their crazy Fish Bowls, with loads of straws at only €15 … Cool shot for the album 😉

From huge English breakfasts, served from a traditional British Pub Grub menu, through ’til 8.30 pm … the Tiki Specials are the biggest portions in Napa !!!  There’s delicious starters, like Loaded Skins, Deli’s, Jackets, Burgers and Hot Dogs, Home Comforts, Something a’little Different, and my fav on this brilliant varied menu has to be the platter, ‘Raclette’ a cook at your table selection of Pork, Chicken, Beef Sausage, served with cuts of Halloumi, Mushrooms, Onion, Tomatoes, Salad, Chips or Garlic Potatoes and Pitta with Garlic Mayo …

Napa Family Sundays
Oh, every week Karina also hosts the workers BBQ afternoon with delicious BBQ meats, salads and vodka juices at workers prices 😉 .. and on Sunday a Traditional Sunday Lunch that’ll keep you going ’til next Sunday, with size up or down portions of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Lamb with fresh homemade trimmings and tantalising sauces …

By Night
This place goes wild, Tiki Style, with resident DJ’s, spinning an awesome and unique mix of Jack in House, Dub Step, Deep house, R’n’B and D’n’B … while the crew will strap you to a heart monitor in the dentist chair and pour a litre of cocktail down your neck through a funnel … do it n you get a free shot, ha ha ha and a cool Tiki T-shirt …

Messy Tickets
Naturally you can buy your Mayhem Bar Crawl tickets here, and every Saturday night the bar crawl kicks off here, gets messier as it goes all over Napa and finishes of with free entrance to Club Ice, one of the top clubs in Napa … without doubt one of the best happenings in Napa …

Open Long Summer Season
Daily from 10.30 am

It gets a bit messy in here !!!
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Open long summer season
Daily from 10:30am

You'll find them a touch behind The Bell, and Red Square with stunning views over Napa

Tel: 0035796840197