Mr. Tzatziki Snack Bar, Ayia Napa

Mr. Tzatziki Snack Bar, Ayia Napa,

Highly Recommended
On a recommendation by my very good friend Mario from BCL Music Festival back in May 2020 I went to check out this new traditional snack bar in the middle of Ayia Napa and was very pleasantly surprised when I found my old friend Andreas and his wife Andry there, I’ve known him since before his Coyote’s Bar days back in 99’ … tbh, it’s so good I’ve been back many times since …

On my first visit, Andreas said “I always wanted to open a traditional Cypriot Takeaway and even put on a few kilos to look the part” lol … Both Andreas and Andry have been in the hospitality trade for over 27 years so expect to get the best of the best.  I tried the ‘Mixed Gyros’ with chicken and pork, wrapped in freshly baked Greek Pitta served with salad and their special homemade tzatziki using a secret recipe passed down from his yia yia, just delicious … I knew I’d be going back for more!

Snack Bar
Eighteen months later, they’ve built a great reputation with locals and visitors and in many peoples opinion ‘they do the best kebabs around’.  Conveniently situated on Nissi Avenue almost opposite Zorbas Bakers, cool décor and lighting, a little high stool seating part at the front and they’ve closed off the drive, turning it into a covered terrace with tables and chairs and a little chill-out Greek music … and I love the little donkey, a cool touch for a selfie, lol

On the menu
Andreas told me everything is freshly homemade, their Chicken comes straight from the farm, then marinated for two days, the pork and beef also local and the jacket potatoes straight from their family’s own farm, even their Hot Dog Rolls come uncooked and they slow cook the Jacket Potatoes in their dedicated, stone fired oven.  Andreas said; “I’d rather spend a little more on my produce and provide the best”, so you’ll find their chicken and beef are prepared ‘Halal’ style.

Gyros & Souvlaki
Specialising in Pork or Chicken Souvlaki cooked over real charcoal nice and slowly!  Their Gyros are the talk of the town, made with pork, beef, lamb or chicken, marinating for two days, using an old family recipe, before being slow cooked on the Rotisserie, and served in Greek or Cypriot Pitta Bread, with salad and a selection of sauces … On my recent visit I tried the ‘Steak in a Bun’ which is fillet of pork in a 12” crusty bun, toped with melted cheese, mild mustard and salad and a few chips, mad that it’s only €6

One of their specialities is well cool;  The ‘Pitta tou Pappoo’ which means ‘Grandad’s Pitta’.  It’s a mix of chicken, pork, melted cheese, onion, salad and cocktail sauce, in-between two Greek pittas, sort of sandwich style … but I have to say the ‘Crispy Crunchy Chicken Wraps’ have always been one of my favourite snacks in Napa.

Jacket Potatoes
The Jacket Spuds, fresh from their family farm are cooked perfectly, nice and slow in a Stone Fired Oven and must go on your ‘must try’ list, but with which topping?, baked beans, sweet corn, gravy or curry sauce, maybe bacon and mushroom sauce add a little Halloumi, or try bolognaise, with gyros or chilli con carne and their chicken curry is hard to resist … Hmm!

Homemade with 100% Beef or Chicken Breast, marinated then flambé grilled over real charcoal and finished off on the hotplate … add cheese, bacon, egg and extra cheese mmm!

Hot Dogs
The hot dogs are also handmade with a blend of chicken and pork and served in a freshly baked Roll, with a selection of toppings … btw, they do a wicked Pork Chop too!

Side Dishes
There’s lots of things you can add including chips, cheesy chips, spring rolls, garlic bread, or cheesy bites and there’s a cool selection of beers and soft drinks.

Naturally with healthy diets being an ever increasing market Andreas has added things like; Veggie Burgers, Falafel Wraps, veggie hotdogs and even meatless meatballs, hmm … oh, and delicious onion rings

Takeaway & Delivery
Why not stay home and get the guys to drop off your order with Free Delivery in Ayia Napa and all over Ammohostos, as far as Xylophagou, Dherynia and Protaras … but if you order Takeaway and pick it up yourself, you can grab a photo of the littlun’s on the wonky donkey … of course these days you can just call Foody, Wolt or Bolt and they’ll pick it up and deliver it to your door.

Open all Year
Daily: 11 am ‘til Midnight

You’ll find Mr. Tzatziki at 15, Nissi Avenue, on the sea side of the road, almost opposite Zorbas Bakery … most credit cards accepted off street parking nearby …
GPS: 34.987040, 33.995827

Kebabs, Gyros & Grills Cooked with Passion!

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