September 2020

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Indian Summer
It’s September, and most of you will know it’s my favourite month, honest! … mainly because that really, really hot yukky spell is over, … or is it?  the last few days of August into the 40°C plus, and tbh, the cold water still isn’t cold enough … and according to the fishermen, it looks like we’re gonna have another Indian summer, by that I mean it’ll still be hot during the day, but the evenings will start cooling down and if they are right, summer will probably last ’til the end of November, mmm!  So if you’ve been desperate to get away from it all, Cyprus should be your number one choice!

The Older Crew
Another reason I love September, is because we can finally sleep without air-con, and because peak season moves into low season from about 5th, and with the kids back at school, its time for the younger and older couples, and groups of single friends, and work colleagues, to take their hols, eating out more, drinking just as much, and going home early for one reason or another, and so everyone is happy! tbh, it’s said that more money is spent here in September than any other month and so the finale to the season is usually a good one …

Back to School
September is also special coz there’s a distinct lack of 5 to 16 year old’s on the beach, making room for the older crew, the party weathered lot, who really know how to party!  Ha!, and you’ll also notice all the mature boobs are out on the beach, and why not?  The restaurants are in their element, as the Island of Love captures all those romantic couples, who’ll eventually end up getting married here, helping to make Cyprus the number one place to get Wed in Europe!!!

Europe’s Best Beaches
I think we have one of the finest seas in the world to swim in, especially in September, when it’s a tad quieter over on the east coast.  It’s still like swimming in a tepid bath, apart from that occasional cold flush as you swim through a freshwater patch from a hidden underwater stream coming through the rocks all the way from the Troodos mountains.   On that note; Nissi Beach and Fig Tree Bay are currently voted into the top three Beaches in Europe, ha! we’ve been saying that for years!! …. and btw, in September, you can bay-hop right up to Blue Lagoon high up on the West coast in the Akamas to check out the turtles hatching.

Fab Tan
As I was saying, the temperature by day has dropped to bearable, much as it’s still in the mid-thirties, the air is cleaner, so you’ll be guaranteed to get a fab tan oh, and don’t be too surprised if we get a shower or two although that probably won’t happen ’til October

Stunning Sunrises
You can feel, and even smell the air is cleaner, and now that the heat haze is clearing you can see the Troodos and Northern range of mountains standing out on the horizon, so you can also expect stunning sunrise in Protaras and spectacular sunsets in Paphos and btw Moon rise in September is really cool too!

Parties and Festivals
Many events have been cancelled because of this crazy pandemic, including one of my favourite events of the calendar, Moonwalk … and much as September normally brings us loads of closing parties, some a little premature I feel, this year it’ll all be toned down a bit … but to make up for it there’s still a few things happening and don’t forget to look out for the winter opening parties, theatre, tributes and dance events scattered all over the island.

Rag ‘n’ Bone Man
I’m really looking forward to Kendall Events’ world renowned Tribute to Rag ‘n’ Bone Man at Angelika Tavern on 17th and Darcy’s in Chloraka on the 18th … This is my very good friend Leo Romero that I’ve caught a few times, and he might as well be the real thing … I’m definitely going to catch one of these gigs! … menwhile, check out this Video of Leo’s cover of Skin at Mambo’s Bar

Morrelli Events
My very good friend Andrea Morrelli has a fun packed September planned for you … Starting with Soul Kinda Wonderful, the No:1 Award winning tribute to the Drifters, Four Tops, The Temptations and The Stylistics … on Friday 4th at Darcy’s Outdoor Arena, Saturday 5th at Pissouri Amphitheatre, and Sunday 6th at Paralimni Amphitheatre

An Italian Queen
Andrea will introduce ‘Regina’ all the way from Italy … Described as the sexiest tribute to the legendary Queen covering all your favourite tracks … This is a show like no other and as close to the real thing as you can get … You can catch them at Darcy’s Outdoor Arena, Peyia, Paphos on Thursday 10th September … then on Friday 11th September 2020
Bonemare Beach Cafe Bar in Timi and on Saturday 12th September 2020 at
Pissouri Amphitheatre

Taste of the 60’s
To finish off the month Andrea Morrelli has The 60’s Explosion direct from the UK … An evening that will take you back to the 60’s when swing became rock ‘n roll covering the greatest hits from The Kinks, The Troggs, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, The Animals, The Monkeys, The Beach Boys, and Gerry & The Pacemakers to mention but a few … You can catch them at Darcy’s Outdoor Arena, Payia, Paphos on Friday 25th September … Pissouri Amphitheatre on Saturday 26th September and on Sunday 27th September on the east coast at Paralimni Amphitheatre …

It’s nice to see Paphos is still influenced by hosting the European Capital for Culture in 2016 and what an awesome job they are doing, and it must be catching as we are seeing an increase in Cultural Events all over Cyprus … For more visit the CTO’s Page

Hub of Cyprus
Savino Rock Bar
in Larnaca has expanded to make more room outside and Savino Live are hoping that they’ll get back to normal in September as they aim to kick off their winter of live Rock ‘n Roll, and even a little Reggae, every weekend, while just down the alleyways Stories Wine Bar is a complement to the old market, where on the entrance, a wonderful Coffee Shop 29 … whilst up on the Dhekalia Road, Hugga by the Sea have regular live music down in their gardens and btw Mekenzie Beach has been smashing it all summer … and I want to wish a big good luck to Galina and Yiannis at The King Caffe Lounge Bar where once stood Cossy’s a landmark on Dhekalia Road …

Capital on the Coast
Chester’s Bar in Limassol, forever one of my faves, while up in the tourist area, places like Bedroom Resto Cocktail Bar and Club Breeze, are a local faves, and there’s live music at Tepee Rock Club, who have been there for years, and further West the Limassol Marina and its quaint cafes rivalling the spectacularly renovated old town, now a hive of stylish bars and cafes, an one of my favourite finds must be Dionysus Mansions an eaterie extraordinaire … and of course if only we could party-mad Club Guaba would oblige.

Nicosia Nights
Naturally there’s loads to do in the capital, and as Nicosia starts to get back into cooler mode, Cafe Mercedes re-opened on Wednesday 19th August for the winter season … one of my favourite Cypriot Rock Bands Minus One normally do about 10 gigs a month, check out our article on them here … One of my fav pubs The Lost + Found Drinkery and Sarah’s Jazz Club if you fancy good a bit of jazz … oh and there’s still a few sales up in the capital, so all you shopaholics! better get up there quick!

Napa Mode
Quieter than normal, cos schools back, and the Cypriot holiday season is over, but I’m hearing we’ve opened our borders to Russia, Israel and UK to mention but a few so expect there to be a bit more nightlife in September, and hey it’s still Napa and anything goes, every night!  Unfortunately the clubs are still closed but in town the best bars are staying open til 3.30 am on the weekends … my faves Encore, Pirates Bar and Bedrock Inn up on Bar Street … not forgetting Jungle Bar for the best sounds in town, at the start of Bar Street the awesome Footloose Karaoke and Sports Bar will answer to your every wish for a good night out and the more relaxed Square Bar & Cafe next to the Monastery is unique with live music every night …

West Coast
Pafos and Polis, of course, are set up for all year round tourism and there’s plenty of places to eat drink and be merry … more to do and lots of history to see … the nightlife is awesome too … My good friend Spiros up at Aces Bar on the start of Bar Street setting the way and Notorious Bar in the middle of Bar Street for all your R’n’B and Hip hop sounds … The Railway Inn are well switched on with regular events and awesome munchies and The New Horizon Bar well into their sports and awesome pub grub Cyprus Style …

Getting Around
It’s a great time to go touring, so jump in the car and go check out some places of interest with wonderful Wineries in shouting distance, if you need some ideas? check out Stanna’s article called ‘Driving You to Drink’, and get some wine tasting in and top the Cava up for Christmas, did I say Christmas? OMG ! … it’s not that far away, btw the non-drinker has to drive ok!

Still Time to Tan
Much as we might just have a day’s rain in September, remember we only get 30 to 35 days rain a year, except for2018 when it psss’d down lol, so you are pretty much guaranteed to go home with a tan unless you’re Irish, first Irish bar to install a Solarium will make a mint, haha!, oh and don’t let those cool Mediterranean breezes fool you, reduce the factor 30 gradually through your stay and don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

The Original Guide
Recreating What’s On magazine into a Social Media Network Guide to Cyprus is probably the best thing I’ve ever thought of lol, apart from launching the mag back in June 1999, and it’s lovely to read all the positive remarks, like, it’s so user friendly, its so easy to find things, love the way you keep us in touch … to over 12,000 followers, thanks guys!

The Site
Is looking really cool now, with over 76 Categories in 8 cities, it’s over 1,600 pages, more than 25,000 photos, and videos, reaching an international crowd, everyone latching on to the one-word search facility that makes it really easy to find what you’re looking for.  The What’s On Cyprus Network is being updated daily and btw the new Dynamic App is being remodelled … it’ll be the cherry on the top, designed to be quicker and more user-friendly, we’re working on the iOS version now, won’t be long guys.

The web site and the Cyprus’ Number 1 Guide to Cyprus Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Google are all active daily and will be with you always, as long you have your phone with you, oh, and our YouTube channel is diverse, to say the least … I’m loving keeping you in touch with my regular live videos and I’m glad you’re loving them too.

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And really finally
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Na da Bou’men 
Tony Dynamou

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