Ttappis Tavern, Paralimni

Ttappis Tavern, Paralimni, Established 1985

If you live anywhere near Paralimni, you’ll already know that this is a really special place, so if you fancy a little authentic Cypriot, a visit to Ttappis Tavern is a must.  This period building with arched window frontage, old wooden beams, doors and shutters, and open fires, was originally named ‘Salonika’ when it was established back in 1985 by Costas’ parents Nickolas and Salomi Tziampouri aka Ttappis.  It has remained a family-run restaurant ever since, attaining an exemplary reputation for its fabulous food and a traditional, good night out.

The New Generation
Almost 2 decades ago it was passed down to their children Kostaki, Elena, Giorgio and Stavroula, who changed the name to Ttappis Tavern … naturally, you’ll still find traditional Cypriot cooking just like their great-grandmother used to make, because head chef Stavrouilla still creates from the menu using her secret recipes that are kept in the kitchen’s journal.

The Menu
It has to be said, their menu changes with the seasons, but includes a variety of different traditional appetisers, delicious soups, Traditional Kleftico, Charcoal grilled Kebabs and Mixed Grills to die for including delicious Lamp Chops 😉  … Ttasty, crispy salads are created by different members of the Ttsappis family, with fresh local vegetables from the nearby red soil villages … my favourite has to be the Pork Fillet Salad, just an array of mouthwatering tastebud explosions!

Signature Dishes
Stavrolla was telling me “They travel from as far as Limassol to eat one of our signature speciality dishes of Lahana, aka Cabbage, dipped in a creamy flour sauce and deep fried” OMG!!, and when I asked her, What’s your favourite dish?, she said “The Beef Liver with Onions”, that’s next on my to try list! … and just wait til you try the homemade bread!

Crack an Egg
As traditional as it comes, Elena said, “We also serve seasonal delicacies with an egg cracked on top including Mushrooms, Wild Asparagus, Courgettes, Marro, Wild Artichoke, Pork Delicacies, Lambs Liver, Chickens Livers and Mixed Greens” … all absolutely delicious.

Meze is their speciality, boasting 7 different types of meze to choose from including, a vegetarian one, which btw, is well cool … Another is their Fasting Meze, aka The Vegan Meze … They even do a ‘No Pork Meze’ which I thought was a great idea … oh and, everything is cooked fresh to order here, so you’d better not be in a rush and whatever you do, ‘go hungry!’

Grill Meze
Staroulla said “Most of our clients come to enjoy our traditional meze, but I just want to say it changes every day depending on what I can find while I’m shopping,”  We make our own sausages, sheftalies, and donner kebabs … Check out my Youtube video of Elena and Stavroulla making  Pourekia“.  I asked how big is your Meze? … She said” “We can serve up to 23 Dishes with our unique twists” … I have to say it’s one of the best Meze that I’ve enjoyed, many times, and I just love their little surprises!

Fish is also one of their specialities and a massive favourite with the locals!  So expect to find one of the best Fish Meze for miles … Again this is seasonal but will include, Sea Brea, Sea Bass, Whole Kalamari, Kalamari Rings, and the Octopus, wrapped in foil to retain the juices and King Prawns, grilled or boiled, with or without the shells … Oh and, you really must try the Kalamari in Pitta Bread.

Mini Meze
Their Mini meze is a favourite for those not so hungry but in the mood for a few different dishes and it’s often shared by two kids … and on that note …

Kids Choice
Even the kids have their own menu, with homemade beefburgers, chicken burgers or chicken nuggets, made with real chicken, just a few of their favourites … they are also happy to size down dishes if you ask.

The drinks menu is huge, with a massive selection of some of Cyprus’ finest wines and imported spirits, that can be ordered by the glass, quarter, half and full bottles, with mixers of your choice.

Almost Inevitable
I’ve known this family for years, and naturally, some things will never change, like Tzambouris’ two different coloured trainers, and more so, after a night of good food and a few drinks, it’s almost inevitable that this place goes from home dining to partying like only the Cypriots know-how, you know.  If they were still allowed to smash plates they would haha! … but it’s awesome watching them get up and dance to modern and classic songs, well into the early hours!

It’s a big restaurant but it gets really busy here, especially at weekends so it’s well advised to book … Call George on Tel: 99457181 … Click here to see their Trip Advisor reviews and their Facebook Reviews  … They also have a Takeaway Service but no home delivery.

Open all year
Daily: 6 pm ’til Late
Daily: 5:30 pm ’til late

You’ll find them at 92, Nikou Psara Street, Paralimni, 5280 … aka Old Stadiou Road, where the old stadium used to be, just off the Paralimni to Napa road, sort of behind Skaventides Supermarket and opposite Rio’s … Click on the Google Map Icon below …
GPS: 35.031076, 33.981908

This Place Oozes Hospitality !!!

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