BBQ Man, Cyprus

Original As far as I know, this is a truly unique service in Cyprus ... The BBQ Man is Joshua Reynolds, a Yorkshire lad coming...

The Blue Pine Bar & Restaurant, Larnaca

Behind all those hedges, you'll find a really cool covered garden area with a smaller uncovered area.  Inside it's all wood and benches, comfy chairs, sidelights and candles, artifacts all over the walls and ceiling, it's set on two more floors, which separate off into bars, lounges and little cubby holes, each with at least one TV screen and there's even a separate Pool and Games Room and an awesome kitchen that doesn't close 'til midnight ...

Bites 7060, Pizza & Vegan Pizza, Livadia

Vangelis said he had extensive training in Naples, not at collage but at an academy at a traditional pizzeria, with top pizza chefs.  The rewards; pizzas as authentic as you can get this side of Italy, the dough, 4 simple ingredients, hand made, but fermented for 48 Hours before use, a Neapolitan influence, which enhances the flavour, then topped with your favourite toppings and baked to perfection in a traditional stone fired revolving oven ... the result a thin base with a light fluffy crust ... I have to say they're delicious!

Old Village Tavern, Ayia Napa

From the outside, it looks delightful, all stone arches, crimson flowers, hanging plants galore, old cart wheels between the arches a few tables and chairs covered by really cool arched wicker canopies with rope curtains, adding a little privacy, while you can watch the world go by, complementing the façade and to the right a Pink old London telephone box, awesome for a cool selfie.

Los Bandidos Mexican Restaurant, Ayia Napa

It's just a short walk up from Ayia Napa's square and without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Cyprus!, just ask anyone!  oh, and I should warn you, it’s seriously addictive!!!  Established over 30 years this eatery quickly gained its reputation as one of the finest eateries in Cyprus and every year they seem to get better.  They do absolutely everything with such style and finesse and with an excellent crew, most of them have been there for years, a few since they opened, so a more well-oiled team is hard to find.  Then there's the authentic music and traditional Mexican décor, regular events, oh, and sombreros and cacti everywhere! ... A visit is a must!
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