We all live in a yellow submarine !


Warm welcome
I was invited by Yioryis to join them on a Yellow Submarine mini cruise to Smugglers Sea Caves … When I arrived at the jetty, that looks like it comes out of Vassos Fish harbour Restaurant, the crew were busy getting everyone on board … Yioryis in his usual gentleman’s demure, I just love this guys passion for the sea …

Years of Experience
It was a tad bumpy so the experienced captain Yioryis took us straight out and straight back, well in a triangle, and Captain Yioryis and the awesome crew kept everyone amused … and so we arrived at the sea caves and moored up for a little show time …

Fish Feeding Show
Down everyone went to the lower deck where 30 big windows look straight out, it was wavy so visibility not that brill … but the captain became the diver and fish feeder, donning his diving gear, Yioryis fed the fish while a few guys and girls snorkelled above and others watched straight out … I love the way he comes right up to the glass and interacts with the kids inside, high fives ‘n all . Brilliant !!!

Smugglers Sea Caves
Next captain Yioryis and the crew helped everyone to get over to the platform just outside the caves, so you can launch yourself inside the caves or get launched ha ha … wavy ? yes, but Yioryis knows this sea like the back of his hand and all who went had a ball …

How much fun ????
Everyone was diving and jumping of the diving board and flying down the 10 metre water slide spinning off at the end into the crystal clear warm Mediterranean sea … so much fun, mmmm !

Let’s the Kids Steer
The sun deck was quiet coz everyone was downstairs having fun . Yioryis lets all the kids steer the boat and put the captains hat on . Time for a few photos for the holiday album and back to Ayia Napa harbour …

Over 20 Years
That was an awesome trip as always, and I’ve been on loads over the past 20 years … You can’t help love this bloke, and as everyone gets off at the end of the trip, you can see the feeling is mutual !

Kids & Grown Ups
Take the kids on a lovely mini boat trip and what ever you do make sure you have a go down the slide its awesome !

All together now … We all live on a yellow submarine !

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