May 2020

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It’s my favourite month!
Much as we are still enduring one of the strictest lockdowns in Europe due to Covid-19, currently set to continue ‘til 15th May, we will see the easing of restrictions starting on Monday 4th May set by our health minister to run over four stages through to 13th July … however it’s still one of my favourite times of the year, coz it’s finally, definitely, summer! normally hitting over 30°C in the shade!  You just have to love May, longer sunny days, through crystal clear skies, as there’s no heat haze yet, amazingly enhanced by the lockdown and finally you can even spread your butter in the morning!

Summer nights
The evenings are getting warmer, so subject to what time the current curfew starts, you can now go out in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals, and I think it’s almost time to take the quilt off?  We might get a quick shower, but the chances are, it probably won’t rain again ’til October, except for that very occasional, crazy hail storm in August lol …

Opening Parties
I’d normally have attended loads of winter closing and summer opening parties by now, it’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it?  Unfortunately due to this pandemic sadly nothing has opened yet … although from Monday 4th May we will start to see the easing of restrictions with the reopening of retail shops and open air markets, to mention but a few and so we’ll keep you in touch with the latest updates as we hear about places opening, so don’t panic you can still join me at a few parties this month … Stay tuned to our facebook page for more …

On the Beach
The beaches will probably remain closed until stage 3 of the relaxation restrictions targeted for 9th June, but we can now go for a swim in the sea again from 4th May, I can’t wait to dive in … on that note, I’ve spoken to a few of the guys on the watersports around the country who have been keeping themselves busy at home servicing the last few items so that they are ready to give you a thrill.  Oh, and the majority of these guys have been at it for years so you rarely hear any complaints about the services on offer or in fact the prices they charge to give you white knuckles … Hmm?

Pool Parties
You know summer has well and truly started when the pool parties kick off.  The world famous Pambos Napa Rocks Pool Party was set to open this month and have announced they’re ready and waiting for you as soon as this is all over and as it’s outdoors it just might happen by stage 2 on 18th May but more likely to be on stage 3 from 9th June …

Cyprus is versatility to the extreme, and the Flyboarding Cyprus team have trained even more watersports to offer you the opportunity to fly like iron man and dive like a dolphin.  I tried it, and trust me it’s absolutely awesome and a must if you’re into a little adventure sports, btw this is one of the fastest growing extreme sport in the world! … One of my fav gettaways has to be Sayious Adventure Park, in Asgata, Limassol … just brilliant!

Cruising the Med
The sea is spotless at the mo, so it could be an idea to go for a boat cruise, when they are permitted to open.  You’ll find plenty of them at all city harbours, jetties and water sports.  We’ve carefully selected our recommended boat trips, and it’s always worth chilling on the med, Mmm!  I try and get on as many as I can and over the years I’ve managed to get on all of our recommended trips, from chilling on the Lazy Day Cruise on Aphrodite ll over in Napa, to the wonderful Mermaid Cruise in Protaras or the all-day cruise on Wave Dancer up in Paphos, because during the month of May they can still land on Lara Bay Beach whilst as from June through September they have to respect the Turtle Hatching Season … Hit this link to check out our recommended Boat Trips.

Out & About
After our lockdown over the past two months, why not get out of town and go for an adventure, especially whilst everything is still so green.  I highly recommend places like The Camel ParkPafos Zoo, and Ocean Aquarium, or explore the quaint villages left back in time in the Troodos mountains with Bambos of Trackers Excursions, or get back to nature with Jimmy’s Jeep Adventures in Paphos, or the Traditional Cyprus Bus in Paralimni and the awesome George’s Fun Bus in Paphos.  It’s not totally clear if this’ll be possible during the first two stages of the easing of restrictions due to the Corona Virus so stay tuned for opening dates …

Eating Out
I think you won’t have many choices in May when it comes to eateries, because our indoor restaurants won’t open ‘til stage 3 of the easing of restrictions from 9th June to 13th July, much as I imagine it’ll be OK to dine al’fresco by stage 2 in mid-May.  Many have taken the opportunity to refurbish, some of them still finishing last-minute renovations and you just can’t change these guys, mañana, mañana it’s a way of life over here, but that’s one of the reasons this rock is so special.  I love the way several have remained open providing Takeaway & Delivery services!

Down the Pub
It’s much the same when it comes to enjoying your favourite tipple as most pubs, bars and watering holes won’t open ‘til June, again and maybe except the open-air ones, that will have to allow at least 3 metres between tables and don’t be surprised if we never see menus again, as I’m led to believe they’ll be sent to your mobile phone from now on! It’s mad, no more menus???

Into the Unknown
And as forty-six per cent of our economy is based on tourism, and the repercussions go all the way down to the paper merchant, I have a strange feeling it’s going to be a really tough year!!  But if ever there was a nation to get out of this, almost unscathed, it’ll be Cyprus, aka the richest refugees in the world!

Clubbing Capital
Napa, once the clubbing capital of Europe was slowly but surely staking its claim for the title again.  Although I’m not expecting to see them open until July if we’re lucky.  Ayia Napa will boast seven or eight nightclubs to choose from, with Castle ClubBlack ‘n’ White and Carwash leading the way and for after parties, Club Aqua and Napa Rocks.  I’ve had a chat to a few club owners and they assure me they are ready to open as soon as this pandemic is all over, and that goes for our clubs all over Cyprus … Who knows we might see clubbing move outdoors this year?

Live & Loud
There’s normally live music everywhere, but these days Kendall Events and Morelli Events are busy rescheduling their planned concerts and Savino Live in Larnaca would normally be rocking it every weekend and Bank Holidays too … Then there’s a few more places like, O’Neill’s Irish Bar & Grill in Paphos, Koursaros Music Bar in Protaras, Tepee Rock Bar in Limassol all sticking to their guns with regular live music, rock or not! and OMG its only 6 months to Cyprus Rockswhich might well turn out to be the only live music festival this year, although I reckon BCL Music Festival will be ok by July …

After Paphos’ up on the West coast boasted the Cultural City of Europe a few of years ago it just seems to be snowballing throughout Cyprus with almost daily events, for more check out the CTO Events calendar … I love things like the Street Art Festival in Ayia Napa and I’m looking forward to The ArtFest in Protaras, if it is allowed to go ahead…

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It’s been the craziest start to the season and I’ve seen so much happen over the past 28 years, one crises after another, the Cypriots just seem to bounce straight back out of them … I’m not sure what the future holds but if I can give you a few words of advice for May, step up the UV factor, drink loads of water and make sure you do something you’ve never done before!

Na da boumen
Tony Dynamou
Editor in Chief
Cover photo: F’k the Corona Virus, compliments of

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