Lambros Fish & Chips & Kebab Tavern, Dhekalia, Larnaca

Lambros Fish & Chips and Kebab Tavern, Dhekalia Base, Larnaca, Established1977

Real Fish & Chips
Writing about ‘arguably’ the best fish and chips in Cyprus is easy, because to many people it’s their number one choice for traditional Fish & Chips in Cyprus and they’d probably win the argument … tbh, I’ve known Lambros since before he asked my stepmother to go fry fish for him in 1989 … My dad had a chippy for 25 years in London, so I know good fish and chips, and this place is without a doubt unbeatable! …

You’d Never Believe it!
I was invited by Lambros’ son Andreas for a chat, so I chose sunset, a perfect time enjoy Fish & Chips, well it’s crazy going to see them and not eating 😉 … Andreas told me about the early days, much to my surprise, Lambros never had a chippy in the UK, but instead was self taught, wow?   His original attempt to fry Cod in Batter, didn’t really work, mistaking the word Batter, for butter, it made me smile, he said naturally it was really greasy, but it wasn’t long before Lambros had created his own secret recipe for batter, and of course with the right equipment, because a proper range, manufactured in the UK, that cooks your fish and chips to absolute perfection is irreplaceable, and 43 years later Lambros is still there, which sort of speaks for itself …

These days he’s got a crew of 30, most working as part of the family for years, and ‘well oiled’ is an understatement … serving the best Cod and Haddock, and a nice bit of Plaice, imported from UK, Norway, Germany and France, deep fried in Lambros’ crispy batter or breadcrumbs and served, of course, with chips made with Cyprus potatoes, pure heaven! … oops, don’t forget the mushy peas or maybe gravy, or curry sauce to dip your chips into and a few pickled onions and maybe a wally … omg, old habits die hard oh, and almost forgot a good cuppa and a slice … perfect!

For Starters
Lambros also serves grilled Halloumi, whole fresh baby Calamari, and Calamari Rings,  Crab Claws, English Sausage, Omelette, Mushrooms, oh, and the Fish Cakes omg! … maybe just Egg & Chips, hmm, oh and of course a good Pukka Pie with brown sauce Mmm!

On the Grill
You can even get a delicious fillet Steak here, and really good Kebabs … Choose either Pork or Chicken Souvlaki, and add a few Sheftialia, maybe a Beefburger, all cooked over real charcoal, likewise the Pork Chops, Pork Fillet, Chicken Breast, all served with a nice crispy Greek Salad, oh, and my very able assistant just loved the Chicken Salad!

Children’s Menu
It’s always been a family restaurant, which is why the kids have their own menu … from traditional fish & chips, to kebabs, sausages, squid rings, baby squid, scampi, and of course real chicken nuggets hmm, it’s basically the adults menu sized down for the kids or yiayia’s … oh and for afters it can only be 14 flavours of Ice cream mmm!!!

Behind the Bar
Their cava is about 30 carefully selected wines from Cyprus and Greece, one of my favs the Fikardos Dry white to accompany my fish or maybe a sparkling Lambrusco Rose … They’ve got all your favourite beers and spirits, by the shot, quarter or whole bottle … soft drinks, and classic cocktails … and hot and cold beverages … like I said, there’s nothing better than a cuppa with your fish & chips …

Special Offers
Lambros told me they’ll be starting some special offers this winter, things like discount for our forces based here and Winter Specials for the Family … and the rest I’m sworn to secrecy 😉

The Perfect Setting
It’s perfectly situated on Cessac beach, on the Dhekalia Base, literally next to the sea and the delightful, tiny Ayios Nicolas Chapel, with a little kiddies playground near the restaurant that boasts this lovely glass, covered Casibo out front, that’s breezy in the summer and cozy in the winter and a delightful place to enjoy really good fish & chips and lots more … oh and check out their reviews on Trip Advisor

Open all year
Daily: 11.30 am ’til 10 pm
Sundays:  Closed

It’s sort of centrally based on the coast road of Dhekalia’s British Military Base, next to Cessac stores on Cessac Beach, Dhekalia, Larnaca … you can park in the Cessac Car Park or round the back in the bases’ car park … see map below
GPS: 34.983050, 33.734604

Also at Ayios Nic
You’ll also find them on Ayios Nicolaous Base in Vrissoulles … it’s on the big roundabout in the centre of the base …
GPS: 35.089097, 33.889101

Everyone’s Favourite Chippy!


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Open all year
Daily: 11.30 am 'til 10 pm
Sundays:  Closed

It's sort of centrally based on the coast road of Dhekalia's British Military Base, next to Cessac stores on Cessac Beach, Dhekalia, Larnaca ... you can park in the Cessac Car Park or round the back in the bases' car park

Tel: 0035724723206