33.2 C
Ayia Napa, CY
Monday, June 24, 2019

Summer Special Offers at Blind Taste, Paralimni

Constantinos called me to pop in to find out about their new Summer Specials Surprises at Blind Taste in Paralimni ... Greeted with a lovely fresh Arabic Coffee he told me about their plans for the summer that will really make a visit worthwhile ...

Kamasias Taverna, Paralimni

... they call them seasonal 'Rain Gifts', and this is where this place excels ... because this Tony and the family are dedicated to bringing you the freshest and most sought after wild Cypriot produce, like baby wild Artichokes, Snails, fresh Asparagus, and a regular trip to Paphos to find rare Wild Mushrooms, is all part of the norm, Tony often walking 15 to 25 km a day to bring you the best selection that night ... needless to say if you like wild Mushrooms omg, this place is a must !!!

It’s Pool Party Season

Got there a tad late but there was a great crowd considering it's early May ... The sounds were pumping out from the DJ Box and it was a really wicked atmosphere and I know where I'll be every Thursday ...

ArtFest 2019, Protaras

As I see things from an alternative angle I was really looking forward to attending the ArtFest 2019 at Starlight Gardens in Protaras ... The idea was to allow local and international artist who see things their way and create for your pleasure their alternative art ... It was a great success ...

Alcohol Mist Exclusively @ Bronx Bar, Ayia Napa

I popped into Bronx in Ayia Napa to find out what everyone is talking about ... There's this new idea 'Alcohol Mist', it's vapourised Alcohol saved into Balloon, so instead of taking in Gas, you take in Vapourised Alcohol, and that gives you a really nice buzz which apparently wears off in about 45 Minutes .... and it's totally legal, and of course, I had to try one ;) ... I gotta say its well cool!

Easter Orthodox Style, 2019

... At midnight all the lights are extinguished in the church and the priest comes from behind the doors of the altar carrying a candle.  Walking to somebody in the front row and lighting their candle, this person and so on then pass the light from candle to candle and the light fills the church, symbolizing the Resurrection.  Everyone then kisses one another and exchanges the words 'Christos Anesti' - Christ has risen, 'Alithos Anesti' - truly He has risen. ...

Soho’s Soft Opening Party, Ayia Napa

Zilly was waiting for us, already on the Absinth, omg! ... They were playing Piggy Front behind the bar, some kind of new cock tale? ... Geo couldn't resist a little dance on the pole, force of habit lol ... Karina was trying on hats and so was Geo ... Across the road, Pirates was buzzing as always and you could feel Napa was coming alive for 2019 ...

Catt’s Angel Wings, Ayia Napa, Street Art Festival,

I popped down to catch Catt Soulart' Kyriacou on her last day painting Angel Wings at Ayia Napa City Appartments ... I've added a few more cool pieces that I found around town ... btw a huge thanks to Catt and all our artists who have definitely brightened up the city.

Ocean Aquarium Park, Protaras

George showed me around the grounds explaining; "You can learn so much about marine life here, and rivers and swamps and the Penguins, the first ever in the Mediterranean region, naturally kept comfortable in the appropriate climate controlled environment".  Just watching one of their videos I amazingly learned that all Gold Fish don't have stomachs, so they have to keep eating, which means you should feed them small amounts 5 times a day, probably why I was never successful keeping one, but now I know!

On the Night that Castle Opened, Friday 12.04.19

... and as it'd be rude not to go, I thought I'd grab my first real night out in Napa for ages ... I was meeting up with a new friend Zilly aka Dr. Feelgood, an awesome DJ, just moved here from Germany, you'll be hearing lots of this summer I'm sure ...