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Gary’s Bar & Grill, Ayia Napa

By rule of thumb if its quiet in here, it'll be dead everywhere else! ... Gary's Bar & Grill is without doubt one of the best eateries in Napa, recently, yet again, awarded a Certificate of Excellence 2020 by Trip Advisor, it's becoming a habit and tbh, they deserve every accolade they get! ... Check out their Video here

Supermarket Europe, Paralimni

Maria specialises in importing foods and more from all over Europe including; the UK, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Slovakia, and Poland, with more than a little bias towards Bulgaria, and even India, in fact, all over Asia.  So, there are great choices in European and Asian style sauces and ingredients and they even sell Basmati rice by the 20 Kg sack for crazy cheap prices.

Wokiwok Asian & Sushi Bar, Paralimni

George says ''expect to find an awesome selection of spicy food, coz the boss loves it spicy!'' ... but by 'spicy' he doesn't mean hot hot, he means full of flavours of the East, some mild, some medium and many that give a kick ... Everything is cooked to order, using freshly cut local vegetables and the finest cuts of meat, and seafood and imported ingredients from the East ... Then three top Chefs conjure up an extensive selection of Asian cuisines from, China, Thailand, Korea and Japan and of course Sushi ...

Kama Lifestyle, Pernera

Recently passionately refurbished to boutique style by this wonderful couple, Maria and Doros, who have created a unique accommodation that depicts tranquillity and relaxation to a tee ... one bedroom apartments and studios, available for long or short stay and the whole top floor, with panoramic sea views available for purchase with title deeds ...

Rio’s Piri Piri Chicken, Paralimni

Evi continued; "It all started back in 1912, when Wilbur Scoville charted the comparative heat of different chillis.  The greater the number of Scouville units the hotter the chilli, but don't worry, we have 8 Different Flavours of Piri Piri sauces, from Zesty Lemon and Herb to Extreme with everything in between!"  Piri Piri of course means Pepper Pepper, my favourites are the Hot & Spicy and the Jerk Chicken, OMG!

Gyradiko & Grill by Vangelis Takeaway & Delivery, Paralimni

This is where they excel, specialising in over 20 different choices of kebabs.  Gyros here is a choice of 4 meats, pork, chicken from Greece, beef and lamb from the UK, each cut into thin slices, layered and seasoned, and set onto big skewers ready to be imported.  Vangelis said, "I spend a little extra, but I get the very best" ... I said "do you then add a little more seasoning" and he said "there's really no need", tbh, the beef Gyro was probably the best I've ever tasted ... Here's a link to their full Menu 

Amore Hotel Apartments, Kapparis, Protaras

Tony explained; "It's a really cozy, family-friendly resort, in a wonderful part of Cyprus, with 66 Apartments, designed with both style and comfort in mind" ... They're tastefully decorated, boasting a modern aesthetic look while exuding a cozy ambiance.  There are 47 x 1 Bedroom, 3 x 2 Bedrooms, and 16 Studios, all with a well-equipped kitchenette and self-catering facilities, a spacious balcony or terrace, some with a pool view, and a few with a sea view.

Speedy’s in Salsa Mode !

An evening of Live Salsa Music, ... to, Eat Drink and dance your hearts out !

The Stumble Inn, Ayia Napa

The place looks traditionally British, well, it's on a corner for starters, but these days it's got a European twist as lots of their repeat clients are from various parts of Europe, particularly Scandinavia.  There's a covered terrace all the way around, the décor; lots of wood, comfy benches, colourful tables, low or high ... a row of tall red stools surrounding the bar, oh and blackboards everywhere and the host oozes hospitality ...

Serena Bay Beach Bar & Restaurant, Pernera

An eatery of the highest esteem, I love the crazy paved terrace, shaded by tall mature trees, that twinkle delightfully as the sun sets, the crazy colourful tables and chairs, almost kindergarden'ish, little alcoves of comfy seating, hammocks set up high in the trees, whilst down a tier, skirting the rocks, a pathway leading to the almost private beach on the left, that'll have mellow music and waiter service and there's plenty of sunbeds, all with a view to die for, a sea of serenity at Sirena Bay ...